SFMBBM Symposium

25th November 2022 - LIBST, Place Croix du Sud 4-5, Louvain-la-Neuve

Welcome to SFMBBM-2022!

The annual meeting of the FNRS doctoral school on Structure, Function and Mechanism of Biomolecules, Bioinformatics and Modeling

This initiative is a one-day conference organized by and for PhD students from across Belgium and focuses on the most recent advances in the SFMBBM fields.

Three keynote speakers from US and EU will present their leading scientific work about protein structure, macromolecules and their applications:

  • Cheryl KERFELD (Michigan State University / Berkeley)
  • Philippe MINARD (University of Paris-Saclay)
  • Giovanni MAGLIA (University of Groningen)

The event will also provide an opportunity to selected PhD students and Postdocs to present their work by oral presentation and will include a poster session.

Register / submit your abstract before 2nd October here: https://forms.gle/4J4Xz2v7noDteJpk6

Follow this webpage for updates on the programme!

For any question, contact us at