CORE Discussion Papers 2023

2023 / 26
Sergio Perelman, Pierre Pestieau, Maria Racionero
Social mobility, education and populism

2023 / 25
David Dorn, Philipp Kircher, Oliver Salzmann
The effect of national industry shocks on local employment: impacts on geographical inequality and inefficiency

2023 / 24
Pierre Pestieau, Maria Racionero
Education, mobility and redistribution

2023 / 23
Bert Willems, Yueting Yu
Bidding and Investment in Wholesale Electricity Markets: Discriminatory versus Uniform-Price Auctions

2023 / 22
Antoine Germain
Basic income versus fairness: redistribution with inactive agents

2023 / 21
Andrea Gasparin, Federico Julian Camerota Verdù, Daniele Catanzaro
An evolution strategy approach for the Balanced Minimum Evolution Problem

2023 / 20
Daniele Catanzaro, Raffaele Pesenti, Allan Sapucaia, Laurence Wolsey
Optimizing over Path-Length Matrices of Unrooted Binary Trees

2023 / 19
Luc Bauwens, Edoardo Otranto
Realized Covariance Models with Time-varying Parameters and Spillover Effects

2023 / 18
Luc Bauwens, Yongdeng Xu
The contribution of realized covariance models to the economic value of volatility timing

2023 / 17
Pierre Dehez
Dividing the expected payoff resulting from joint actions

2023 / 16
Sefane Cetin, Jean Hindriks
Sustainability of pension reforms: An EU-wide political stress test

2023 / 15
Paul Belleflamme, Johannes Johnen
Non-Price Strategies of Marketplaces: A Survey

2023 / 14
Sergio Perelman, Pierre Pestieau
Social mobility and populist values

2023 / 13
Xuyang Chen, Jean Hindriks
Multinational Taxation under Pressure: The Role of Tax Deductibility

2023 / 12
Ana Mauleon, Mariam Nanumyan, Simon Schopohl, Vincent Vannetelbosch
Unions and key players in network games with conflicts and spillovers

2023 / 11
Ata Atay, Sylvain Funck, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch
Matching markets with farsighted couples

2023 / 10
Pierre Dehez
Cooperative product games

2023 / 09
Jacques Cartuyvels, Gilles Bertrand, Anthony Papavasiliou
Market Equilibria in Cross-Border Balancing Platforms

2023 / 08
Mathieu Sauvenier, Sébastien Van Bellegem
Goodness-of-fit test in high-dimensional linear sparse models

2023 / 07
Mohammed Abdellaoui, Emmanuel Kemel, Amma Panin, Ferdinand M. Vieider
Time for Tea: Measuring Discounting for Money and Consumption without the Utility Confound

2023 / 06
Johannes Johnen, Robin Ng
Ratings and Reciprocity

2023 / 05
Mathieu Sauvenier, Sébastien Van Bellegem
Direction Identification and Minimax Estimation by Generalized Eigenvalue Problem in High Dimensional Sparse Regression

2023 / 04
Jérôme Dollinger, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch
R&D and Market Sharing Agreements

2023 / 03
Pierre de Callatay, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch
Local Farsightedness in Network Formation

2023 / 02
Thierry Betti, Mathieu Lefebvre, Pierre Pestieau
Macroeconomics of aging

2023 / 01
Daniele Catanzaro, Martin Frohn, Olivier Gascuel, Raffaele Pesenti
A Massively Parallel Exact Solution Algorithm for the Balanced Minimum Evolution Problem