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Upcoming LIDAM Events


CORE Brown Bag Seminar

Cristina Lafuente Martinez, UCLouvain will give a presentation on Hysteresis for the Young: Search Capital and Unemployment Abstract: This paper argues that search ability should be...

LFIN Seminar

Nestor Parolya, Delft University will give a presentation on Two is better than one: Regularized shrinkage of large minimum variance portfolios Abstract: In this paper we construct a...
14:30 / Statistics Seminars

SEMINAR by Nicolas Verzelen (INRAE, Université de...

SEMINAR by Nicolas Verzelen (INRAE, Université de Montpellier) on "Optimal Permutation Estimation in Crowd-Sourcing problems" Abstract: Motivated by crowd-sourcing applications where we want...

IRES Lunch Seminar - Diego Malo Rico, IRES

Diego Malo Rico (IRES/LIDAM, UClouvain) will give a presentation on Static Model of Violent Groups: Give me my Dollars! Abstract: African countries, where most contemporary civil...

UCLouvain Economics Seminars - Sandro Ambühl

Sandro Ambühl (University of Zurich) will give a presentation on Interventionist Preferences and the Welfare State: The Case of In-Kind Nutrition Assistance Abstract: Poverty...
14:30 / Applied statistics workshops

WORKSHOP by Sébastien Jodogne (UCLouvain)

WORKSHOP by Sébastien Jodogne (UCLouvain) : "L’apprentissage profond au bénéfice de l’imagerie médicale" Résumé: Dans cet exposé, nous allons explorer comment l’apprentissage profond...
16:00 / Applied statistics workshops

WORKSHOP by Ananda Sen (University of Michigan)

WORKSHOP by Ananda Sen (University of Michigan) on : "Bayesian joint modeling under competing risks with application in cancer" Abstract: Joint models for longitudinal and...

LED Seminar

Elena Argentesi (Bologna University) ZOOM link

IRES Lunch Seminar - Lorenzo Trimarchi, Unamur

Lorenzo Trimarchi (Université de Namur ) will give a presentation on TBA Abstract:

UCLouvain Economics Seminar - Christian Probsting, KUL

Christian Pröbsting (KU Leuven) will give a presentation on TBA Abstract:
Call for papers

Belgian Financial Research Forum 2023

The 17th meeting of the Belgian Financial Research Forum (BFRF) will take place at the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels (Belgium) on April 20-21, 2023. This research forum will be jointly...

IRES Lunch Seminar - David Weil, Brown University

David Weil (Brown University) will give a presentation on TBA    

UCLouvain Economics Seminar - Michele Lenza, European...

Michele Lenza (European Central Bank) Will give a presentation on Density forecasts of inflation: a quantile regression forest approach Abstract:

LED Seminar

Marita Freimane (University of Zurich) ZOOM link

LED Seminar

Hanna Halaburda (NYU Stern School of Business) ZOOM link

SoFiE European Summer School

This four-day summer school will cover empirical macro-finance research on monetary policy and the yield curve. The course starts with an overview of different approaches to model the behavior of...