IRES Lunch Seminar - Andrej Sokol, Bloomberg

December 13, 2022

12:45 - 13:45


D. 144, Dupriez Building, Place Montesquieu 3

Andrej Sokol


will give a presentation on

Striking a bargain: narrative identification of wage bargaining shocks

Abstract :

We quantify the effects of wage bargaining shocks on macroeconomic aggregates using a structural vector auto-regression model for Germany. We identify exogenous variation in bargaining power from episodes of minimum wage introduction and industrial disputes. This narrative information disciplines the impulse responses to a wage bargaining shock of unemployment and output, and sharpens inference on the behaviour of other variables. The implied transmission mechanism is in line with the theoretical predictions of a large class of search and matching models. We also find that wage bargaining shocks explain a sizeable share of aggregate fluctuations in unemployment and inflation, that their pass-through to prices is very close to being full, and that they imply plausible dynamics for the vacancy rate, firms' profits, and the labour share.

With Žymantas Budrys and Mario Porqueddu

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