International migration and trade


Gonzague Vannoorenberghe, Frédéric Docquier, Fabio Mariani, Luca Pensieroso

Research Project

Sponsor Project Title IRES Promoters IRES Researchers Beginning End
FSR Sources of change in comparative advantage and policy implications Gonzague Vannoorenberghe   2017 2020
FNRS CDR Measuring inequality from trade data Gonzague Vannoorenberghe   2018 2019
FNRS EOS Winners and losers from globalization and market integration: Insights from micro-data Frédéric Docquier and William Parienté Esther Delesalle, Adam Levai 2018 2022

The economics of deep trade agreements

Project description: The project develops a framework to analyze the economic consequences of deep trade agreements. This new generation of trade agreements, such as the ones signed between the EU and Japan or the EU and Canada (CETA) go much beyond traditional tariff reductions and have at their core the dismantling of many non-tariff barriers. These raise a number of questions about regulatory convergence, the recognition of foreign standards (e.g. should hormone-fed beef be allowed for consumption) and investment protection. Many in the public debate fear a loss of national sovereignty, implying a lower consumer protection and unfair competition to local, high-quality producers. Most existing trade models are ill-equipped to address these questions as they restrict trade liberalization to be similar to a reduction in tariffs. Our project addresses these shortcomings by considering quality standards as a legitimate way to curb consumption or production externalities, and not only as a way to protect the national industry. In this setup, we derive the conditions under which new trade agreements are welfare improving, and provide guidance as to when countries should mutually recognize their standards or not. We also address the role of new trade agreement for international tax competition.

Mathieu Parenti and Gonzague Vannoorenberghe   2019 2022
ARC New approaches to understanding and modelling global migration trends Frédéric Docquier   2018 2023


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