Job Market Placement

You will find below the list of the placements for the last five years. The position mentioned in the list is the position our students got when leaving IRES.


  • Christoph Deuster : Junior professional officer at the Population division of the United Nations
  • Zainab Iftikhar : Postdoctoral fellow at the Goethe University Frankfurt, (Germany)
  • Guzman Ourens : Assistant professor at Tilburg University (The Netherlands)
  • Èric Roca Fernández : Postdoctoral fellow at Aix-Marseille School of Economics
  • Tommaso Sonno : Assistant professor at the University of Bologna


  • Bastien Chabé-Ferret : Senior research officer at the University of Essex (United Kingdom)
  • Paula Gobbi : Assistant professor at ULB, Brussels, (Belgium)
  • Marion Mercier : Associate professor PSL at University of Paris Dauphine (France)
  • Sara Salomone : Postdoctoral researcher at UNU-CRIS and Ugent (Belgium)


  • Michal Burzynski : Postdoctoral fellow at the Luxembourg University (Luxembourg)
  • Pierre Pecher : Postdoctoral position at Aix-Marseille University (France)
  • Paola-Liliana Montero Ledezma : Senior economist at the Competition Authority in Sweden


  • Amandine Aubry : Economists at the OECD, Paris (France)
  • Emeline Bezin : Postdoctoral Fellow at the Paris School of Economics (France)
  • Olivier Brolis : Postdoctoral fellow at the Université Lille-Telecom
  • Corinna Ghirelli : Economist at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (Ispra, Italy)
  • Joël Machado : FNR Postdoctoral fellow at CREA, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • Lara Lebedinski : Researcher at the University of Budapest (Hungary)


  • Andrea Ariu, Robert Solow Postdoctoral Fellow at the McDonough School of Business at the Georgetown University, Washington DC (USA)
  • Hélène Latzer : Assistant Professor at the Saint Louis-University, Brussels, (Belgium)
  • Morgane Laouenan : Post-Doc researcher at Science-Po, Paris (France)
  • Ilse Ruyssen : Post-doc Research Fellow at the University of Ghent (Belgium)
  • Julien Martin : Assistant professor, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) (Canada)
  • Aminata Sissoko : Postdoctoral fellow at IRES and KUL (Belgium)
  • Bastien Chabé-Ferret : Postdoctoral fellow at Paris School of Economics, Paris (France)
  • Paula Gobbi : Postdoctoral fellow at Paris School of Economics, Paris (France)
  • Olivier Sterck : Postdoctoral fellow at the Center for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford, (United Kingdom)
  • Alexandre Simons : Itinera Institute, Brussels (Belgium)
  • Chrysolalantis Vasilakis : Assitant professor at the University of Warwick, (United Kingdom)