IRES Lunch Seminar

The IRES Lunch Seminar is an informal forum where researchers present their work in progress in details and receive criticism and feedback from colleagues. Presentations on the blackboard are also welcome. PhD students entering the job market this year are strongly encouraged to present their job market paper.

The Macro Group provides sandwiches. Whether you would like a sandwich or not, please register by the Friday before the meeting at :


  • Elsa Leromain
  • Gonzague Vannoorenberghe

Doyen 22 

12:45 to 13:45

Programme - 2021 -2022


14 Joseph Gomes (IRES/LIDAM)
Whither Identity? The Political Economy of Ethnic Exclusion: Consequences, Mitigators, and Facilitators

28 Leo Czajka
Using third party data to improve tax compliance in a context of low enforcement: three possible designs for one RCT in Senegal


12 Marcus Biermann
Remote Talks: How ICT Changed Economics Seminars during COVID-19 (JMP Presentation)

19 Vincent Vandenberghe (IRES/LIDAM)
Partial De-Annuitization of Public Pensions v.s. Retirement Age Differentiation. Which is Best to Account for Longevity Differences?

28 THURDSDAY Jean - François Maystadt (IRES/LIDAM)  LECL 72
Refugees, child health and malaria transmission in Africa.


2 Elsa Leromain (IRES/LIDAM)
Import Liberalization as Export Destruction? Evidence from the US (JMP Presentation)

16 Erika Pini (CORE/LIDAM) CORE B-135
Polarization in a multidimensional political space (JMP Presentation)

23 Guillermo Santos Antreassian (IRES/LIDAM)
Optimal fiscal stimulus under active and passive monetary policy

30 Elisa Navarra (ULB)  ONLINE
Spillover effects of subsidies on downstream trade



7 Daniele Verdini  CORE B-135  !! CANCELLED !!
Globalization and the Urban-Rural Divide in France