IRES Lunch Seminar

The IRES Lunch Seminar is an informal forum where researchers present their work in progress in details and receive criticism and feedback from colleagues. Presentations on the blackboard are also welcome. PhD students entering the job market this year are strongly encouraged to present their job market paper.

The Macro Group provides sandwiches. Whether you would like a sandwich or not, please register by the Friday before the meeting at :


  • Elsa Leromain
  • Gonzague Vannoorenberghe

Doyen 22 OR More 56 OR CORE B-135. Please check the location on each event. 

12:50 to 14:00

Programme - 2020 -2021


22 David de la Croix  More 56
     The Academic Market and the Rise of Universities in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (1000-1800)

29 Fabio Blasutto (IRES) CORE B-135
    The Rise of Cohabitation and Unilateral Divorce



13 Charles de Beauffort (IRES) Doyens 22

Minding One's Own Business: Optimal Time-Consistent Fiscal and Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap when Coordination is Lacking"

27  Samia Ferhat 
The impact of university openings on human capital formation


03 Nippe Lagerlöf (York University) CANCELLED

10 Sébastien Fontenay (ULB)
The Unintended Consequences of Maternity Leave Allowance on Fertility and Career Decisions

17 Jean-François Maystadt (IRES)
The Gravity of Distance : Evidence from a Trade Embargo (with Afnan Al-Malk and Maurizio Zanardi)

24 Joseph Gomes (IRES) CANCELLED
Maternal Mortality and Women's Political Participation (with Sonia Bhalotra, Damian Clarke, Atheendar Venkataramani)


01 Elisabeth Leduc (ULB)
Subsidizing Domestic Services as a Tool to Fight Unemployment: Effectiveness and Hidden Costs (with Ilan Tojerow)

08 Bart Cockx (Ghent University)
Priority to unemployed immigrants? A causal machine learning evaluation of training in Belgium (with Michael Lechner and Joost Bollens)

15 Gregory Ponthière (Hoover Chair)
Childlessness, childfreeness and compensation (with Marie-Louise Leroux (UQAM) et Pierre Pestieau (ULiège))


02 Joseph Gomes (IRES/LIDAM)


09 Pierre Cahuc
The Lock-in Effects of Part-time Unemployment Benefits (co-authored with Hélène Benghalem and Pierre Villedieu)

16 Rigas Oikonomou (IRES/LIDAM)

23 Adèle Lemoine

Inherited Gender Norms and the Cognitive Gender Gap: Evidence from SHARE data


 02 François Courtoy
Optimal Taxes and Transfers with Household Heterogeneity (co-authored with Boris Chafwehé)

09  Elsa Leromain
Voting under threat: Evidence from 2020 French local elections

23 Dorothée Hillrichs
Recovering Within-Country Inequality from Trade Data


20 Marcus Biermann
Remote Talks: Changes to Economics Seminars during COVID-19

27 Clémentine Garrouste (Paris Dauphine)
Impact of later retirement on mortality: Evidence from France


04 Fabien Petit (AMSE)
Inter-generational Mobility and Job Polarization

11 Muriel Dejemeppe CANCELLED


25 Luigi Boggian
Forgone care and horizontal inequity in healthcare use in fifteen European countries: differences between immigrants and natives


08 Daniele Verdini (IRES/LIDAM, UCLouvain)
China shock, Markups, and the Evolution of Aggregate Productivity

15 Charles de Beauffort