Public Lecture by Oded Galor

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You are cordially invited to  a


Public Lecture


On Tuesday October 13, 2015 - 17:00 - 18:00, Auditorium Montesquieu 01



Professor Oded Galor

(Brown University)


Will give a presentation on


The Biogeographical Roots of the Wealth of Nations


This lecture will explore the role of biogeographical factors in the emergence of the vast inequality across nations in the past two centuries. It will advance the hypotheses that in the course of the prehistoric exodus of Homo sapiens out of Africa, variation in migratory distance to various settlements across the globe affected the regional distribution of genetic diversity and generated a persistent hump-shaped effect on wealth of nations, reflecting the trade-off between beneficial and detrimental effects of diversity on productivity. While the high level of diversity among African populations and the low level of diversity among Native American populations have been detrimental for the development of these regions, the intermediate levels of diversity associated with European and Asian populations have been conducive for long-run growth.

Oded Galor will also present:

  • IRES Research Seminar, Thursday Oct 15, 12h45, "Roots of Autocracy", Dupriez D144
  • Midis de la Recherche (DEMO): Tuesday Oct 20, 12h45, "Fecundity and Long-Run Reproductive Success", LECL 62



These lectures are sponsored by the ARC project of
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         Family Transformations,
                 Incentives and Norms


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