UCLouvain Economics Seminar

The UCLouvain Economics Seminars is jointly organized by CORE and IRES.

Practical details


Gonzague Vannoorenberghe

When ? : 

On Thursday, 12:45 - 14:00

Where? :

Doyen 22, Place des doyens, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Please note that the due to noise caused by the works at theather Jean Vilar, seminars from 14 March to 12 May, will be relocated in room More 52.

Programme for the academic year 2021 - 2022


30 Lisa Spantig (RTWH Aachen/Essex)
Flexible Microcredit: Effects on Loan Repayment and Social Pressure (with K. Czura and A. John)







26 TUESDAY Marc Klemp (University Of Copenhagen)
Human Dispersal from Africa and Group Formation


4 Ricardo Reis (LSE)  ONLINE
The constraint on public debt when r < g but g < m

11 Armistice

18 Francesca Monti (UCLouvain)
Heterogeneous Beliefs in the Phillips Curve

25 Olivier Loisel (ENSAE)
A Model of Post-2008 Monetary Policy


2 Mario F. Carillo (University of Naples)
Fascistville: Mussolini’s New Towns and the Persistence of Neo-Fascism

9 Matthias Rodemeier (Bocconi University)
Buy Baits and Consumer Sophistication: Theory and Field Evidence from Large-Scale Rebate Promotions




3 Peter Egger (ETH Zurich) ONLINE
Empirical productivity distributions and international trade

10 Elie Murard (University of Alicante) CANCELLED

17 Johannes Haushofer (Stockholm University) CANCELLED

24 Sonia Bhalotra (Warwick University)   ONLINE
Antidepressant use and academic achievement: Evidence from Danish administrative data

MARCH 2022

3 Miriam Kohl (Johannes Gutenberg-University)
Unilateral Tax Policy in the Open Economy

10 Patricio Dalton (Tilburg University)  CORE B-135
Developing Goals for Development: Experimental Evidence from Cassava Processors in Ghana

17 Mine Senses (Johns Hopkins University) CANCELLED

24 Seetha Menon (University of Southern Denmark) More 52
The effect of domestic violence on cardiovascular risk

31 Michel Beine (University of Luxembourg)  More 52
New York, Abu Dhabi, London or Stay at Home? Using a Cross-Nested Logit Model to Identify Complex Substitution Patterns in Migration

APRIL 2022

21 Pilar Garcia-Gomez (Erasmus University of Rotterdam) More 52
Gender and performance of collaborative research: evidence from student teams

28 Laurence J. Kranich (SUNY at Albany) More 52
Subject to Influence: Endogenous Effects on (Social) Preferences

MAY 2022

5 Jean-Baptiste Michau (Polytechnique) More 52
Fiscal Policy under Secular Stagnation: An Optimal Pump-Priming Strategy

12 Olivier Sterck (Oxford University) More 52
The Freedom to Choose: Theory and Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Cash Transfer Restrictions

19 Gilat Levy (LSE) CANCELLED
Political social-learning: short-term memory and cycles of polarisation

JUNE 2022

2 Felix Koenig (Carnegie Mellon)
Does Work-Time Regulation Cost Jobs? The Impact of PTO Regulation


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