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VACANCIES : 5 PhD and 3 Post-doc positions in actuarial sciences and statistics

Insurance is a highly data driven business, where reliance on analytics for decision making is key. Data scientists, Actuaries and statisticians design risk transfers and require appropriate methods to model, to estimate and to predict risks. Insurers collect fine-grained, high-dimensional data, where both the presence of covariates of different types (e.g., continuous, factor, spatial) as well as the volume of the data are challenging.  At the same time, the response variables that matter in insurance are characterized by low frequency occurrences, severities or impacts that range from small to (very) large, presence of dependence among losses and incomplete losses due to censoring and truncation. Clearly, these challenges require sound methodological contributions in statistical modelling to avoid bias, loss of information and wrongly selected variables or models. In response to these challenges, the Institute of Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Sciences (ISBA) of the UCLouvain and  the KU Leuven’s Faculty of Economics and Business open vacancies for

a.   Position filled (1 PhD position at UCLouvain. Topic: New unsupervised machine learning methods in actuarial sciences)

b.   1 PhD position at KULeuven. Topic: New regularization methods in actuarial sciences.

c.   1 PhD position (2 years at UCLouvain, 2 years at KULeuven). Topic: Dynamic risk prediction and prevention with cure models for recurrent events, censored quantile regression and joint models

d.   1 PhD position at UCLouvain. Topic: Individual contributions to establish fairness and safeguard viability of risk sharing systems

e.   1 PhD position at KULeuven. Topic: On shifting insurance paradigms via dynamic pricing and fairness

f.   1 Post-Doc position at UCLouvain (2 years). Topic: Better access to life and health insurance covers for risks that are either non-standard or perceived as non-standard

g.   1 Post-Doc position (2 years at KULeuven). Topic: Dynamic risk prediction and prevention with cure models for recurrent events, censored quantile regression and joint models

h.   1 Post-Doc position (1 year at UCLouvain, 1 year at KULeuven). Topic: Novel, transparent and actuarially sound risk sharing rules

as part of the joint 2022 Excellence of research (EOS) call entitled “ASTeRISK: Actuaries and STatisticians endeavour to design innovative, inclusive insurance products in a changing RISK landscape”

For more information regarding these positions, please find the link to the announcement here : Job description

Procedure to apply online (only) :

1/ Fill in the online application form (link below)
Link to the online form : Link to the Application Form

2/ Upload 1 pdf file including the following documents (requested at the end of the application form)
•    Letter of motivation,
•    Curriculum Vitae,
•    List of past courses and grades,
•    Copy of diploma(s).

NB : Please upload 1 unique pdf document and indicate clearly the document name with your family name. GDRP Policy.

3/ At least one reference letter must be sent by email directly by the referee(s) to Nancy Guillaume for UCLouvain applications
Email :
Subject entitled : “EOS - Reference letter – and your full name"