In Press

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A Bootstrap Approach for Bandwidth Selection in Estimating Conditional Efficiency Measures.
In: European Journal of Operational Research, (2019)
Beretta, Alessandro ; Heuchenne, Cédric
Variable selection in proportional hazards cure model with time-varying covariates, application to US bank failures.
In: Journal of Applied Statistics, Vol. to appear, p. n/a-n/a
Bertrand, Aurélie ; Van Keilegom, Ingrid ; Legrand, Catherine
Flexible parametric approach to classical measurement error variance estimation without auxiliary data : Classical Measurement Error Variance Estimation.
In: Biometrics, Vol. to appear (Accepted author version posted online: 04 August 2018), p. n/a-n/a
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Intrinsic data depth for Hermitian positive definite matrices.
In: Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, Vol. to appear (Accepted author version posted online: 28 Nov 2018)
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Identifying groups of variables with the potential of being large simultaneously.
In: Extremes, Vol. to appear (Accepted author version posted online: 05 Jan 2019), p. n/a-n/a (2019)
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Asymmetries in Business Cycles and the Role of Oil Prices.
In: Macroeconomic Dynamics, p. n/a-n/a. (Accepté/Sous presse).
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Fast and efficient computation of directional distance estimators.
In: Annals of Operations Research,
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Asymptotic distribution-free tests for semiparametric regressions with dependent data.
In: Annals of Statistics, , no.n/a , p. n/a-n/a (to appear). (Accepté/Sous presse).
Faraz, Alireza; Heuchenne, Cédric
A simple method for designing Shewhart and S2 control charts to guarantee the in-control performance.
In: Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. (to appear), p. n/a-n/a. (Soumis).
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Combining strong sparsity and competitive predictive power with the L-sOPLS approach for biomarker discovery in metabolomics.
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Estimation of the Boundary of a Variable observed with Symmetric Error.
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Time-Dependent Dual-Frequency Coherence in Multivariate Non-Stationary Time Series
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A stochastic independence approach for measuring regional specialization and concentration.
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Hainaut, Donatien
A switching microstructure model for stock prices.
In: Mathematics and Financial Economics, (Accepté/Sous presse)
Hainaut, Donatien ; Deelstra, Griselda
A Bivariate Mutually-Excited Switching Jump Diffusion (BMESJD) for Asset Prices.
In: Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, Vol. to appear (online first 06 October 2018), p. n/a-n/a
Hainaut, Donatien ; Moraux, Franck
A switching self-exciting jump diffusion process for stock prices
In: Annals of Finance, , no.First Online: 29 September 2018
Hainaut, Donatien
 A self-organizing predictive map for non-life insurance
In: European Actuarial Journal, Vol. to appear, p. n/a-n/a
Haine, Thomas; Segers, Johan; Flandre, Denis; Bol, David
Gradient Importance Sampling: an Efficient Statistical Extraction methodology of High-Sigma SRAM Dynamic Characteristics.
DATE 2018, Design, Automation and Test in Europe (Dresden (Germany), du 19/03/2018 au 23/03/2018).
Lambert, Philippe ; Bremhorst, Vincent
Estimation and identification issues in the promotion time cure model when the same covariates influence long- and short-term survival.
In: Biometrical Journal, Vol. to appear (Accepted author version posted online: 22 Oct 2018), p. n/a-n/a
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Monitoring the ratio of two normal variables using variable sampling interval exponentially weighted moving average control charts.
In: Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol. to appear (online first 22 October 2018), p. n/a-n/a
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Time-frequency analysis of locally stationary~Hawkes processes
In: Bernoulli, Vol. to appear, p. n/a-n/a (2018). (Accepté/Sous presse).
Tran, Kim Phuc ; Heuchenne, Cédric ; Balakrishnan, Narayanaswamy
On the performance of coefficient of variation charts in the presence of measurement errors.
In: Quality and Reliability Engineering International, to appear. (Accepté/Sous-presse).