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The Louvain Finance research group organizes major national and international events in the field of finance. In recent years, Louvain Finance has taken the lead in the organization of prestigious events such as the Financial Research Seminar Series in cooperation with the National Bank of Belgium and all Belgian universities, the Belgian Financial Research Forum, the European edition of the So.Fi.E. training courses in financial econometrics school,  Ph.D. courses in corporate fianance, quantitative finance, behavioural finance, macro-finance, etc. In the last two years, we had the pleasure to receive the visit of Professors Lasse Pedersen, Marco Pagano, Thierry Foucalt, Lars Peter Hansen, John Cochrane, John Campbell, Viral Acharya, Frank Diebold, Murillo Campello, Glenn Rudebush, Mike West, David Lando, Damiano Brigo, Damir Filipovic, Kenneth Singleton Andrew Lo, Darrel Duffie and Bengt Holmström.

Key Events for 2019

January 2019
LFIN Internal Seminars, Les Ateliers des Fucam, Mons (pictures)

March 2019
Financial Research Seminar  on "Bubbles and Crashes: Perceptions vs. reality" by William Goetzmann (Yale University)

Key Events for 2018

May 2018
Ph.D course on “Identification strategies in finance” by Murillo Campello (Cornell University)

June 1, 2018
Belgian Research Financial Forum with Darrell Duffie (Stanford University)

June 4-8, 2018
Brussels SoFiE Financial Econometrics School on “Big data in finance and economics” by Giorgio Primiceri (Northwestern University) and Domenico Giannone (NY Fed)

October 2018
Seminar by Bengt Holmstrom (MIT, Nobel Prize Laureate)