Research projects in economics & econometrics

Sponsors Project Title LIDAM Promoters LIDAM Researchers Beginning    End   
FSR Social enterprises and sustainability: A comparative analysis between worker cooperatives and social cooperatives Anaïs Périlleux Esmeralda Gerritse 2019 2023
FSR Sources of change in comparative advantage and policy implications Gonzague Vannoorenberghe   2017 2020
Move-in-Louvain High oder expansions in estimation and testing models with conditional heterooooscedoasticity Christian Hafner Dimitra Kyriakopoulou 9/2016 5/2019
EC/ITN Expectations and social influence dynamics in economics (ExSIDE) Vincent Vannetelbosch Chenghong Luo, Akyal Taalaibekova 1/2017 12/2020
EC/COST Empowering the next generation of SE scholars Marthe Nyssens   2017 2021
BELSPO Brain Application of high performance computing in the short-term scheduling integrating economic modeling of material flows Paul Belleflamme, Thierry Bréchet Thuc Huan Ha 12/2014 09/2019
FNRS CDR Human capital and secularization: Civil vs religious marriages in Italy Fabio Mariani   2018 2019
FNRS CDR Precautionary savings and government debt management Rigas Oikonomou   2018 2019
FNRS CDR Measuring inequality from trade data Gonzague Vannoorenberghe   2018 2019
FNRS EOS Winners and losers from globalization and market integration: Insights from micro-data Frédéric Docquier and William Parienté Esther Delesalle, Adam Levai 2018 2022
FNRS EOS Individual welfare analysis based on behavioural economics Johannes Johnen, François Maniquet   01/2018 12/2021
FNRS PDR Social preferences and persistence of poverty François Maniquet   10/2016 09/2020
FNRS PDR The role of information disclosure in group formation, network stability and strategic decision-making Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch   01/2018 12/2021
FNRS PDR The economics of deep trade agreements Mathieu Parenti and Gonzague Vannoorenberghe   2019 2022
ARC Platforms operations and regulation in the sharing economy Paul Belleflamme, Philippe Chevalier, Johannes Johnen, Anaïs Périlleux et Jean-Sébastien Tancrez   010/2019 09/2024
ARC Negative and ultra-low interest rates: behavioral and quantitative modelling Julio Davila, Christian Hafner, Leonardo Iania, Frédéric Vrins   09/2018 08/2023
ARC Family transformations, incentives and norms David de la Croix et Fabio Mariani   2015 2020
ARC Sustainable, adequate and safe pensions: financial architecture, social justice and governance Pierre Devolder, Jean Hindriks and Vincent Vandenberghe   09/2018 08/2023
ARC New approaches to understanding and modelling global migration trends Frédéric Docquier, Philippe Bocquier, Jean-Yves Charlier and Pierre Schaus   2018 2023
ARC Social and economic network formation under limited farsightedness: theory and applications Ana Mauleon and Wouter Vergote   10/2015 09/2020
INNOVIRIS Collaborative cities for collaborative entrepreneurs (city4coEN). Promoting regional economic development, social inclusion and environmental sustaianbility in the collaborative economy Marthe Nyssens Ela Callorda 2017 2021
INNOVIRIS Appréhender la performance sociale dans les entreprises sociales: Mesures d'impact et impact des mesures Marthe Nyssens et Anaïs Périlleux Coralie Hellepute 2019 2023
Banque Nationale Essays in quantitative macroeconomics Rigas Oikonomou      
Banque Nationale Scrapping benefits for youth: Does it brings jobs or just misery Bruno Van der Linden and Muriel Dejemeppe   2017 2021
IWEPS Accompagnement scientifique et méthodologique dans le cadre d'une étude évaluation expérimentale d'un dispositif visant à faciliter l'accès à un logement locatif privé Muriel Dejemeppe, William Parienté et Bruno Van der Linden   2016 2019
Chaire "Les Petits Riens" L'économie sociale au service de la lutte contre la pauvreté Marthe Nyssens et Anaïs Périlleux   2015 2020