OR research projects

Sponsors Project Title LIDAM Promoters LIDAM Researchers Beginning    End   
FSR Greed, majorization and lattices of unrooted binary trees Daniele Catanzaro Marmtin Frohn 10/2017 11/2019
FSR Incentive for advancing to step 2 of the ERC starting grant Anthony Papavasiliou Quentin Lété 09/2017 10/2019
Fondation Louvain Modeling flexibility at sub-hourly time scales Anthony Papavasiliou   02/2016 10/2020
Fondation Louvain Using analytics and optimization to enable Africa to leapfrog to energy Anthony Papavasiliou Daniel Girardot 04/2018 12/2020
Fondation Louvain Color Power Philippe Chevalier and Anthony Papavasiliou Yuting Mou 10/2015 09/2021
Fondation Louvain Kronos group chair in strategic sourcing and procurement Per Agrell, Constantin Blome and Philippe Chevalier   09/2017 09/2020
EC ERC Accelerated convex optimization Yurii Nesterov Geovani Nunes Grapiglia, Nikita Doikov,

Anton Rodomanov and Mihai Florea
09/2018 08/2023
FNRS Aspirant Mobilizing flexible demand in elelctric power systems through service

quality differenciation
Anthony Papavasiliou Céline Gérard 10/2017 10/2019
FNRS EOS Structural low-rand matrix/tensor approximation: Numerical optimization-based

algorithms and applications
François Glineur   01/2018 12/2021
Région Wallonne Applicaiton of "big data" digital technologies in the healthcare sector François Glineur   09/2017 07/2020
Engie Coordination of transmission and distribution in electric power systems Anthony Papavasiliou Ilyes Mezghani 10/2016 09/2020

Logistics Wallonia

and N-Side

Presupply research project Philippe Chevalier and Isabelle Thomas   12/2016 12/2020