DSM PhD DAY - 30 MAY 2017

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons



Doctoral School of Management



May 30, 2017


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12:00 Welcome Sandwich lunch

13:00 Introduction to the Doctoral Forum by DSM President

          Prof. Per AGRELL - UCLouvain - LSM 

13:15 My research in 180s contest 

  • Kamila MOULAÏ – UCLouvain – LouRIM (CRECIS)
    Bolognese Sauce to Reconcile Companies with Self-initiated Expatriates

  • Christophe DESAGRE - UCLouvain – IMMAQ (LFIN)
    The Impact of Technological Innovations in Financial Markets

    GI-Tropos: Aligning Requirements-Driven Software Processes with IT Governance

  • Thomas HARCADIAUX - UCLouvain – IMMAQ (CORE)         
    Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Using Horizontal Cooperation

  • Roxane DE HOE - UCLouvain – LouRIM (CRECIS)
    Failure as a Step towards Success

  • Nabil BOUMESSAOUDI - UMons (Finance)          
    The impact of Financial information on share price: Case Study Casablanca Stock Exchange.
  • Amélie WUILLAUME - UCLouvain – LouRIM (CRECIS)          
    Crowdfunding? A story of words

14:00 Thematic workshops

  • Operations and information systems (session chair: Manuel Kolp)
  1. Hassan HAIDAR – UCLouvain – LouRIM (CEMIS)
    AMITS³: an Agile Product Line Engineering Approach

    GI-Tropos: Aligning Requirements-Driven Software Processes with IT Governance

  3. Thomas HACARDIAUX – UCLouvain - IMMAQ (CORE)
    The Benefits of Horizontal Cooperation for Supply Chain Management.
    A Supply Chain Network Design Model to Assess the Benefits of Horizontal Cooperation


  • Consumer behavior issues (session chair: Julie Hermans)
  1. Pauline MUNTEN - UCLouvain - LouRIM (CERMA)
    Curbing product obsolescence: how and why reparability information impact product perceived quality and consumers’ purchase intentions

  2. Iskra HERAK – UCLouvain - LouRIM (CERMA)
    Perception of humanness in advertisement

  3. Etienne DENIS – UCLouvain – LouRIM (CERMA)                                
    When social recognition inhibits prosocial behaviors: the case of charitable giving? 

  4. Fanny CAMBIER – UCLouvain - LouRIM (CERMA)
    Non-participants and brands’ communication of co-creational efforts: a matter of trust.
  • Organizational strategy (session chair: Karine Charry)
  1. Paulami MITRA – UCLouvain – LouRIM, IESEG School of Management, France
    The antecedents and the process of hybrid organising in social entrepreneurship

  2. Cécile GODFROID – UMons
    Facilitating Organizational Identification in Hybrid Organizations:
    Managerial Actions, Essential Actors and Reinforcing Factors.

  3. Nathanaël BETTI – UCLouvain - LouRIM (CRECIS)
    The relationship between the organizational strategy and culture and the internal audit scope and role: An exploratory research.

15:30 Coffee break

15:45 Thematic workshops continued

  • E-business (session chair: Amélie Jacquemin)
  1. Thomas LECLERCQ – UCLouvain - LouRIM (CERMA)
    Gamification, a flawless strategy?
  2. Pauline CLAEYS – UCLouvain - LouRIM (CERMA)
    Product Placement in the e-fluencer landscape
  • Finance (session chair: Per Agrell)
  1. Cyrille DOSSOUGOIN – UCLouvain – LFIN (CORE)
    Measuring sovereign risk spillovers and assessing the role of transmission channels: A spatial econometrics approach

  2. Christophe DESAGRE – UCLouvain – IMMAQ (LFIN)
    Essays on technological innovations in finance: Do retail investors still look at financial statements?

  3. Nabil BOUMESSAOUDI - UMons 
    Financial Information Vs. Non-Financial Information
    Case Study: Casablanca Stock Exchange

  • Organizational network and employee issues (session chair: Frank Janssen)
  1. Alice SANNA – UCLouvain  - LouRIM (FIN)
    The Financing systems of students’ mobility. A study case: Ecuador

  2. Kamila MOULAÏ – UCLouvain - LouRIM (CRECIS)
    Self-initiated expatriation: Why is it crucial to understand this trend in terms of geographic job mobility?
  3. Charlotte DE KORT – UCLouvain - LouRIM (CRECIS)
    Management of inter-organizational networks: a case study

17:00 Award presentation for the contest My research in 180s and closing drink


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