CCMS Seminar - Manuel Lopezneria & Nicolas Kervyn De Meerendré

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

October 01, 2021

3.00 pm

Doyen 22

Role of a Professional Football Team in the Development of City Branding

M. Lopezneria (Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, UPAEP) & F. Castillo Villar (UPAEP)


While sport mega-events, such as the Olympic Games, are sporadic for host cities and countries in attracting tourist flow, professional teams attract many benefits to their respective cities every year (Mañas, 2018). Athletic teams can provide individuals with a sense of belonging that leads to a group identity (Tajfel & Turner, 2018). The goal of the thesis is to study how this sense of identity, loyalty and pride can be be leveraged for city branding (Kavaratzis, 2008; Kolbe & James, 2003).



Social Perception of Brands. Warmth and competence Define Images of Both Brands and Social Groups

N. Kervyn (UCLouvain), S. Fiske (Princeton University) & C. Malone (Fidelum Partners)


Twenty years ago the Stereotype Content Model (SCM) was introduced in social psychology (Fiske et al. 2002). The SCM’s central claim is that stereotype content can be mapped onto the two fundamental dimensions of warmth – a group’s perceived intentions – and competence – a group’s ability to reach these intentions. Ten years later, the Brands as Intentional Agents Framework (BIAF) proposed to apply the same idea to study brand perception (Kervyn et al., 2012). In the present review, after summarizing the BIAF, we review current research, which ultimately supports the roles of both warmth and competence in brand perception. The review also identifies theoretical, practical, and conceptual challenges that encourage future research.