Conference by Prof. Radu-Daniel VATAVU

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

November 21, 2019

14:00 - 15:30


Salle Vaes - blind side (A061)


Conference by Prof. Radu-Daniel VATAVU, University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava, Romania


"Designing Interactions between Users, Devices, and Environments for New Genres of Computer-Supported Realities?"

Computer-generate worlds can come in many flavours, from the virtual reality of a video game that entertains us to photorealistic mixed reality applications that increase our productivity, and up to the augmentation of human senses well beyond our biological evolution as a species. In this context, the notion of "reality" itself is changing due to new computing technologies and their deployment in the form of smart devices and environments. In this talk, I will present results that we obtained in our laboratory egarding human perception of such new worlds and the implications of such findings for new interactions between users, devices, and environments. More specifically, I will discuss aspects of perception of virtual content that is invisible to all human senses, human augmentation technology that we devised to interact with such content, and potential applications. I will mix concepts from Philosophy, Cultural Theory, and Cognitive Psychology with Computer Science to present our vision for new interactions with new computer-supported realities.