Public thesis defense of Nicolas Burny

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

March 02, 2022

9.00 am


Espace "Séminaire-Valorisation", Learning Center Montesquieu (BSPO)

Title : Towards Evaluation of Graphical User Interfaces based on a Reproductible Quality Model : Application to Visual Design Aesthetics


User interfaces (UI) are one of the main media of interaction with the devices we use on a daily basis Evaluation of UIs is and will remain a topical research domain as long as existing evaluation methods are refined, improved and new methods appear to evaluate new types of UIs However, not all the existing evaluation methods include explicit, formal, calculable and interpretable quality models that are a necessary condition to ensure their replicability The large variety of evaluation methods and studies coupled to other various factors such as the hardly scalable and error prone process of dataset creation led to a replicability crisis in the field of Human Computer Interactions In order to address the aformentioned challenges and concerns, there is a need to provide the field of experimental studies on GUI visual design with methodologies and tools that make the process of dataset creation efficient and realistic to foster the replicability of experimental studies. The purpose of this thesis is to provide a way of evaluating the quality of GUIs in an explicit, formal, calculable and thus reproducible way This thesis introduces, motivates, defines, implements and validates a methodology, based on a conceptual model and supported by a software tool, for producing explicit, formal, calculable and interpretable quality models for evaluation of GUI visual design.


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