Research Seminar by Prof. Assaâd EL AKREMI

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

December 13, 2018

15:00 - 16:15



Research Seminar by Prof. Assaâd EL AKREMI, by Assaâd EL AKREMI, Université de Toulouse – Capitole 


Reconsidering the micro-foundations of the CSR-financial performance relationship: Perceptions of work meaningfulness and moral consistency matter!

We combine psychological needs and social identity theory perspectives to conceptualize a new multilevel underlying mechanism by which corporate social responsibility (CSR) influences financial performance, and investigate the role of collective ethical climate as a boundary condition of this mechanism. We posit that the (unit-level) influence of CSR on financial performance is sequentially mediated by (individual-level) perceptions of work meaningfulness and organizational identification. This mechanism is predicted to vary in strength due to the moral consistency of CSR with ethical climate. Data were collected from 2,005 employees nested in 244 South Korean bank’s branches with a six-wave survey and archival data. The results of multilevel structural equation modeling support our theorization of a multilevel moderated-mediation mechanism. We found the effects of the indirect mechanism to be stronger when ethical climate is perceived as high, supporting our consistency argument. Implications for research on the micro-foundations of CSR are finally discussed.

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, performance, work meaningfulness, ethical climate, organizational identification, multilevel analysis.