Keynote Speeches and General Theme

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


This year’s keynote speakers will be Andrew Crane, Professor of Business and Society as well as Director of the Center for Business Organizations and Society at the University of Bath School of Management, and Sankar Sen, Lawrence and Carol Zicklin Professor of Corporate Integrity and Governance at Baruch College, focusing on the main theme of this 2018 edition:
“The Transformation towards Sustainable Business: Empowering Stakeholders for Sustainable Innovation, Production, and Consumption”
CB Bhattacharya, Zoffer Chair of Sustainability and Ethics at the Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh, will give a dinner speech on the topic “Engaging Employees to Create a Sustainable Business”.
Given the increasing power of business in a globalized world and the resulting consequences which include both positive social, environmental, and political engagement as well as negative externalities, there is an urgent need to rethink the role of organizational stakeholders. Social innovation by empowered stakeholders in terms of more sustainable production and consumption are required and the question of how these empowerment processes can be supported moves center stage. This year’s seminar will have a specific focus on novel approaches across the CSR, sustainability, and social innovation agenda by different types of business-related actors that lead to a redefinition of their responsibilities, roles, and opportunities for businesses and their constituencies to foster the emergence of meaningful, renewed forms of prosperity.


Beyond the main theme of this year’s seminar and considering the interdisciplinary orientation of the event, we encourage submissions by scholars sharing a common interest for and working on topics related to business and society relationships, sustainable business, corporate social responsibility, and social innovation and originating from various organization-related research fields including business ethics and philosophy, management and organization studies, strategy, marketing, accounting, finance, and sociology.