LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Application deadline: August 6, 2022

Localization: Mons (Belgium)

Mandate: Fixed term (24-month mandate;
renewable once if conditions are met) 

Starting date:  October 1, 2022
(to be discussed)

Category: Scientific staff

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Research project description



Corporate social responsibility (CSR) receives significant attention in the business, policy, and research communities. Studies converge on the notion that firms should communicate about their CSR initiatives to raise awareness, convey legitimacy, and enhance brand equity. Studies have produced rich insights into CSR communication by examining annual reports and corporate websites as tools for disclosing CSR information to both internal and external audiences. CSR communication is yet at a critical crossroad. Traditional one-way CSR communication tools are increasingly being complemented by digital bidirectional channels such as social media, which blur the line between the receivers and senders of CSR information and are likely to transform CSR communication practices. While social media present unprecedented opportunities for firms to engage with stakeholders and increase awareness about their CSR initiatives, responsible firms seem to continue approaching digital media through a traditional one-way transmission mode of communication and thereby do not take advantage of the full potential of online dialogs.


Building upon literature ranging across several disciplines (e.g., marketing, management, CSR, communication), this project uses a multistakeholder, mixed-method approach to provide responsible firms with insights on (i) when and how firms should engage in social media dialogue, and (ii) the impact of CSR social media communication on customer, observing stakeholder, and firm outcomes.


Job description

The researcher will be supervised by Professors Valérie Swaen and Simon Hazée (main supervisor). The successful candidate is expected to:



We seek highly motivated candidates with a MSc degree (obtained with honors; magna cum laude as a
minimum) in applied economics, business engineering, management, psychology, sociology, or any related
discipline. Specifically, we are looking for candidates who:

  • have a strong affinity/interest for business issues related to social media marketing and CSR;
  • show an interest in conducting fundamental and applied research;
  • are familiar with social science methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative;
  • have excellent scientific writing and presentation skills;
  • are proficient in English and French (or prepared to acquire proficiency in French);
  • with a strong sense of teamwork, initiative, and integrity.


Work environment

The successful candidate will work for UCLouvain, at the campus in Mons, in a dynamic and stimulating environment. The candidate will be attached to the LouRIM and CCMS. LouRIM is  devoted to theoretical and applied, empirical and experimental studies of management of private and public organizations, including but not limited to research on internal and external functional management processes that are present in all enterprises and organizations. Since management by itself is characterized by its multiple facets, dynamics and interdependence with resource, process and product development, the science of management requires multiple approaches in terms of functional orientation, research methodology and focus. This is why the Institute mobilizes around 30 faculty members and 70 researchers from the fields of economics, information system science, operations research, psychology and sociology to address management questions of societal and economic relevance. Besides the organization of research activities, endowed research chairs and sponsored research, LouRIM coordinates information about the Doctoral School of Management with around 70 active doctoral students and around 10 doctoral degrees awarded each year.

CCMS is a joint initiative of the Center for Research on Consumption and Leisure (CeRCLe, University of Namur) and the Marketing group of the LouRIM (UCLouvain). CCMS provides a platform for furthering research, doctoral training, and executive education in the area of consumer behavior and marketing strategy. In 2021, 15 researchers and doctoral students, 12 faculty members as well as 7 associate members actively participate to the activities of the center.


Application procedure

Application package:

  • Cover letter showing the candidate’s motivation and eligibility for the position;
  • CV showing the candidate’s past experience and expertise in the research area;
  • A short 1-page proposal for a research plan relevant to the present position;
  • One recommendation letter, to be sent directly by the person recommending the candidate.

Qualified applicants should send their application material (a single PDF document containing all files) by email to Prof. Dr. Simon Hazée (, with Prof. Dr. Valérie Swaen in cc ( Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected.

Applications should be received by August 6, 2022, at the latest.


  • The call will be closed as soon as we have found the right candidate! Apply as early as you can!
  • As this call is an extension of a previous one, please do not reapply if you have already been rejected for the position.

Published on January 06, 2022