LouRIM Award 2018 granted to Régis COEURDEROY

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

On the picture: Prof. Valérie SWAEN (LouRIM President), Prof. Régis COEURDEROY (1st finalist)


LouRIM Award 2018 granted to Régis COEURDEROY

On 11th January 2019, LouRIM held its yearly internal event.  
The "LouRIM Research Excellence Award" recognizes the scientific merits of an institute member for his/her outstanding contribution published in a scientific journal during the year 2017.

On this occasion the research award was granted to Prof. Régis COEURDEROY for his paper:

"Heterogeneous social motives and interactions: The three predictable paths of capability development."

Bridoux, F., Coeurderoy, R. and Durand, R., 2017.
Strategic Management Journal, 38(9), pp.1755-1773.

Research summary:

Limited attention has been paid to the crucial role of individuals' motivation and social interactions in capability development. Building on literature in social psychology and behavioral economics that links heterogeneity in individual social motives to social interactions, we explain how the variation, selection, and retention processes underlying a group's deliberate capability development are affected by the composition of the group in terms of individuals' social motives in interplay with the organizational‐level motivational levers designed by managers. Our multilevel theoretical model suggests that individual‐level heterogeneity leads to the development of capabilities along different paths. For practice, this implies that, according to the composition of the group in terms of social motives, capabilities are more or less technically and evolutionary adequate and a source of business process performance.

Published on January 15, 2019