Prof. Wayne VISSER presented his research in CSR at LouRIM Award Event

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


Keynote speech at LouRIM Award Event on 11th January

Wayne Visser, Antwerp Management School, presented "The Values Dividend: 7 Ways to Create Integrated Value for Business, the Economy and Society."

By viewing the “wicked problems” of sustainability not only as risks but also as a way to create integrated value, we can reap a values dividend: the return to business, the economy and society from investing in values-based action. This presentation will explore 7 ways to achieve this, by rethinking patterns, redefining purpose, reassessing performance, realigning partners, redesigning products, resetting prices, and renewing values.

LouRIM Award 2018 was granted to Prof. Régis COEURDEROY. 






Published on January 15, 2019