LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

PhD DAY – 21 MAY 2019



Salle de la tapisserie

Sandwich lunch & Poster session (Listing in attachment)

Salle du sénat académique

Welcome by Prof. Manuel KOLP, DSM President

Salle du sénat académique

Oral presentation of posters

  1. Pauline CLAEYS, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    “Consumers’ Responses to Social Media Influencers (SMI): Effect of Dissatisfaction in the Context of Serial Recommenders.”
  2. Christian COLOT, UNamur
    "Value of Mobile Data For Customer Relationship Management."              
  3. Marine  DE RIDDER, UCLouvain - LouRIM              
    “The Issues of the Dialogue in the So-called Liberated Firms.”
  4. Elora FERNANDES, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    “Adapted Collaborative Filtering Algorithm through Diversity and Novelty.”
  5. Wassim MBARKI, UCLouvain - LIDAM     
    “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Its Implications for Manufacturing.”

Salle du sénat académique

Discussion panel:

  • Nathalie GUILMOT, PhD in Economics and Management Sciences, UCLouvain. Lecturer at Louvain School of Management and UNamur. Method Manager at Creative Wallonia Engine.
  • Emilie MALCOURANT, PhD in Economics and Management Sciences, UCLouvain. University Pedagogical Advisor at Louvain Learning Lab, UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve. Invited Lecturer at LSM.
  • François MAON, PhD in Economics and Management Sciences,UCLouvain. Professor at IESEG School of Management, Lille.
  • David MASSART, PhD in Information Sciences, Université libre de Bruxelles. Co-founder of D.E.Solution - Information Technology and Services, Brussels/San Francisco.
  • Nathalie TABORDON, PhD in Management Sciences, UCLouvain. Routing Strategy Manager at Proximus, Brussels.
  • Yves WAUTELET, PhD in Management Sciences, UCLouvain. Professor at KULeuven, Faculty of Economics and Business, Brussels, Scientific Collaborator at UCLouvain/Lourim.

Moderated by:

  • Valérie SWAEN, Professor at UCLouvain, Louvain School of Management. LouRIM President.

Salle de la tapisserie

Posters session & coffee break (Listing in attachment)

Salle du sénat académique

Oral presentation of posters

  1. Elisabeth GEBKA, UNamur
    Open Data in Smart City: a Resource for Social Value Creation?”
  2. Avreliane KULLAK, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    Further Engaging Consumers into Healthy Consumptions with Digital Technologies. Study of the Supporting and Hindering Processes.”
  3. Vu NGUYEN HUYNH ANH, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    GI-Tropos: Software Project and Process Governance.
  4. Aleksandar TODOROVIC, UCLouvain – LIDAM
    "Tolerance to Negative Interest Rates.”

Salle de la tapisserie

Poster session & votes (listing in attached)

Salle de la tapisserie

Award & closure drink



Salle de la tapisserie

  1. Komlan AGBA, UNamur 
    “Heterogeneity in Eurozone Responses to Unconventional Monetary Policy.”
  2. Ghazaleh AGHAKHANI, UCLouvain - LouRIM        
    “How do Companies Leverage the Value of IT Through Business IT Alignment and Business Process Management.”
  3. Nathanael BETTI, UCLouvain - LouRIM   
    “Internal Audit Function in a Digitalized Environment.”
  4. Fanny CAMBIER, UCLouvain - LouRIM    
    “Too Attractive to Win - When Peer Endorsement Backfires in a Customer Empowerment Context.”
  5. Sylvain COURTAIN, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    “Graph-based Fraud Detection with the Free Energy Distance.”
  6. Sarah DAMAI, UCLouvain - LIDAM           
    Efficient Assignment of Patients to Wards Considering the Stochastic Nature of Arrivals and Departures.”
  7. Charlotte DE KORT, UCLouvain - LouRIM              
    “Knowedge Sharing, Adoption and Transfer in IOCOPs: A Qualitative Study.”
  8. Louise DUMONT, UCLouvain - LouRIM   
    “Tackling Food Waste: Analysis of the Mechanism Behind the Purchase of Suboptimal Food.”
  9. Nathalie DUMONT, UNamur – CeRCLe
    “Consumer Decision-making for Media Products in a Digital Environment.”
  10. Paolo GAMBETTI, UCLouvain – LIDAM
    “Recovery rates: Uncertainty Certainly Matters.”
  11. Hassan  HAIDAR, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    A RE metamodel for Agile Software Product Lines.“
  12. Marie-Belle KERYAKOS, UCLouvain - LIDAM         
    “Analysis of the Impact of Terror events on the Lebanese Stock Market.”
  13. Soreangsey KIV, UCLouvain - LouRIM      Agile Methods Knowledge “Representation for Systematic Practice Adoption”
  14. Laetitia LAMBILLOTTE, UCLouvain - LouRIM        
    "Personalized Online Customer Experience: Why Perceived Personalization Matters.”
  15. Justine  LECOCQ, UCLouvain - LouRIM    
    “Fighting Cartels Inside the Black Box: a Behavioral Approach.”
  16. Pierre LELEUX, UCLouvain - LouRIM        
    “Design of Biased Random Walks on a Graph, Applied to Collaborative Recommendation.”
  17. Pauline MUNTEN, UCLouvain - LouRIM  
    “Have it Repaired to Reduce Waste!  The Influence of Pre-purchase Product Reparability Information on Consumers’ Brand Attitude.”
  18. Elodie NUOTATORE, UCLouvain - LouRIM            
    “Towards a Sustainable Prosocial Engagement.”
  19. Natalia RAMÍREZ, UCLouvain - LouRIM  
    “How to Create Disruptive Innovations.”
  20. Melissa RITONDO, UCLouvain - LouRIM  
    “Understanding the Mechanisms Underlying Shoppers’ Responses to Solicitations to Donate at Checkout in a Retailing Context.”
  21. Francesco ROCCAZZELLA, UCLouvain - LIDAM     
    “Frontiers of Predictive Models.”
  22. Alice SANNA, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    “EU Students' Mobility in Higher Education”
  23. Anja SHADABI, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    “Beyond Tensions and Trade-offs: Motivators and Struggles in Establishing Corporate Sustainability.”
  24. Ann VERBEKE, UCLouvain – LouRIM
    “Analysis of the B Corp Certification: A Way for Companies to Implement SDGs?”