Working Papers 2009

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

2009/29 Anne-Laure Bartier
La nostalgie comme source du capital -marque
December 2009

2009/28  Nicolas Neysen
Exploring the boundaries of intermediaries : An attempt to bridge the gap between value configuration and organizational architecture
December 2009

2009/27 Nicolas Neysen
How do online market intermediaries support value creation ?  A review of the literature
December 2009

2009/26 Amélie Jacquemin
Studying the impact of regulation on entrepreneurship : How to overcome current conflicting results ?
December 2009

2009/25 Valérie Duplat
Resorting to third parties as a means to reduce the"costs of control" and "costs of coordination" in licensing agreements
December 2009

2009/24 Sodany Kiv, Yves Wautelet, Manuel Kolp
A process for costs-selection and mismatches handling
December 2009

2009/23 Thomas Lederer, Julie Hermans
The paradox of social capital : A look through the individual rationality
December 2009

09/22 Luc Armel G. Da Gbadji, Benoît Gailly 
Corporate venture capital among large corporations : Does the industrial sector matter ?
December 2009

09/21 Luc Armel G. Da Gbadji, Benoît Gailly 
The use of corporate venture capital as a strategic tool : literature review and key characteristics of cvc investments
December 2009

09/20 Thi ai Vi Tran, Manu Kolp, Jean Vanderdonckt, Yves Wautelet, Stéphane Faulkner
Agent-based user interface generation from combined task, context and domain models
November 2009

09/19 Harmony Glinne
Consultants of Temporary work agencies (TWA), a symbolic conflict of roles ?
November 2009

09/18 Olga Belousova, Benoît Gailly
Factors affecting employees' intentions to and adoption of entrepreneurial behaviors : a role for entrepreneurial orientation ?
November 2009

09/17 Sophie Bacq, Frank Janssen
Scaling social impact : A governance explanation model
November 2009

09/16 Olga Belousova, Benoît Gailly, Olivier Basso
An integrative model of corporate entrepreneurial behavior
November 2009

09/15 Denis Lalanne, Laurence Nigay, Philippe Palanque, Peter Robinson, Jean Vanderdonckt, Jean-François Ladry
Fusion engines for multimodal input : A survey
November 2009

09/14 Francisco J. Martinez-Ruiz, Jean Vanderdonckt, Jaime Munoz Artega
Weighting task procedure for zoomable task hierarchy modeling of rich internet applications
October 2009

09/13 Francisco J. Martinez-Ruiz, Jean Vanderdonckt, Jaime Munoz Artega
Model driven engineering of rich internet applications equipped with zoomable user interfaces
October 2009

09/12 Vi Tran, Jean Vanderdonckt, Manuel Kolp, Stéphane Faulkner
Generating user interface from task, user and domain models
September 2009

09/11 Kenneth De Roeck, Valérie Swaen
Process by which CSR impacts employees' organizational identification in merger and acquisition context
June 2009

09/10 Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros, Jean Vanderdonckt  
A theoretical survey of user interface description languages : Preliminary results
September 2009

09/09 Jean Vanderdonckt, Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros 
A model-based approach for developing vectorial user interface
September 2009

09/08 Juan Manuel Gonzalez-Calleros, Josefina Guerrero-Garcia, Jean Vanderdonckt
Towards canonical task types for user interface design
September 2009

09/07 Yves Wautelet, Nicolas Neysen, Manuel Kolp
Complex inter-relational organizations modeling : an ontology-based approach
July 2009

09/06 Christophe Lejeune
Organizational learning and capabilities : An integrative conceptual framework
June 2009 

09/05 Delphine Wuidar, Florence Stinglhamber, Dorothée Hanin 
L'impact du support organisationnel perçu et de l'interaction travail-famille sur le stress des policiers
June 2009

09/04 Thi-Thuy-Hang Hoang, Manuel Kolp
Social patterns for quality control in multi-agent systems
May 2009

09/03 Corentin Curchod, Ni colas Neysen
Disentangling positive and negative externalities on two-sided markets : the EBay Case
March 2009

09/02 Paul Schmieder, Beryl Plimmer, Jean Vanderdonckt
Cross-domain diagram skectch recognition
February 2009

09/01 Mathieu Winand, Thierry Zintz, Emmanuel Bayle, Leigh Robinson, David Qualizza
Organizational performance of olympic sport governing bodies.  Dealing with measurement and priorities.
February 2009