Working Papers 2015

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

2015/25 Fanny Cambier, Ingrid Poncin
Customer Empowerment Strategies seen by the non-participants : an exploratory research
December 2015
2015/24 Thomas Leclercq, Ingrid Poncin, Wafa Hammedi
Ten years of value cocreation : an integrative review
December 2015
2015/23 Thanh-Diane Nguyen
A Pattern-based Approach to Support the Design of Multi-Platform User Interfaces of Information Systems
December 2015
2015/22 Félix Sommer, François Fouss, Marco Saerens
Clustering using a Sum-Over-Forests weighted kernel k-means approach
December 15
2015/21 Thanh-Diane Nguyen, Jean Vanderdonckt, Ahmed Seffah
Generative Patterns for Cross-Platform user Interfaces Engineering : The Case of the Master Detail Pattern
December 2015
2015/20 Virginie Bruneau, Pietro Zidda, Valérie Swaen
Measuring customers' behaviors in loyalty programs : scale development and validation
December 2015
2015/19 Pauline Munten, Catherine Janssen, Valérie Swaen
Using infomercials to communicate about CSR : A way to enhance credibility ?
December 2015
2015/18 Thi Thu Thao Lê, Matthieu de Nanteuil
"Sense of Justice" of Vietnamese employees - Beybond understanding Vietnamese cultural values :
the impact of Confucian values on intzernational Human Resource

November 2015
2015/17 Roxane de Hoe, Olivier Giacomin, Frank Janssen
Do certain exit reasons favor entrepreneurial reentry ?
October 2015
2015/16 Matias Schuster, Jean-Sebastien Tancrez
Heuristic algorithm for solving large location-inventory problems with demand uncertainty
September 2015
2015/15 Franco Stragiotti, Michele Lenza
Stress testing profitability in US commercial banks: a dynamic factor model approach
September 2015
2015/14 Juan Angel Garcia, Sebastian E.V. Werner
Bond risk premia, macroeconomic factors and financial crisis in the euro area
September 2015
2015/13 Laurent Taskin, Michel Ajzen
Managing sustainable and innovative workplaces.
New Ways of Working, towards sustainable organizational performance ?

September 2015
2015/12 Etienne Denis, Claude Pecheux
Charitable giving : an exploratory analysis of Belgian donators
September 2015
2015/11 Marie Van den Broeck
Exploring the determinants of the use of financial participation schemes and variable pay in multinational companies
operating in Belgium : an institutional perspective

August 2015
2015/10 Farooq Ahmad, Thomas Lambert
Collective bargaining and takeover activity around the world
July 2015
2015/09 Thomas Pongo, Matthieu de Nanteuil, Marthe Nyssen
Prise de décision et sens de la justice. Analyse des contraintes de l'agir situé au sein d'une organisation
d'économie sociale et solidaire.

June 2015
2015/08 Elodie Baldewyns, Isabelle Schuiling
Stratégies digitales des marques de luxe - analyse empirique et comparative des marques Louis Vuitton, Gucci et Chanel
May 2015 
2015/07 Thomas Lambert
Lobbying on regulatory enforcement actions : Evidence from banking
May 2015
2015/06 Iyad Khaddam, Nesrine Mezhoudi, Jean Vanderdonckt
Adapt-First : a MDE transformation approach for supporting User Interface Adaptation
April 2015
2015/05 Nesrine Mezhoudi, Jean Vanderdonckt
A User's Feedback Ontology for Context-aware Interaction
April 2015
2015/04 Nesrine Mezhoudi, Jorge Luis Perez Medina, Iyad Khaddam
Context-Awareness Meta-model for User Interface Runtime Adaptation
April 2015
2015/03 Nesrine Mezhoudi, Jorge Luis Perez Medina, Jean Vanderdonckt
An Agile Adaptation Framework for Context-Aware User Interfaces
April 2015 
2015/02 Loïc Decaux, Gerrit Sarens
The Determinants of Combined Assurance Adoption : A Global Survey
February 2015
2015/01 Suzanne Kieffer, Ugo Braga Sangiorgi, Jean Vanderdonckt
ECOVAL : A Framework fot Increasing the Ecological Validity in Usability Testing
January 2015