Working Papers 2016

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

2016/25 Hassan Haidar, Duc Dung Do, Manuel Kolp, Yves Wautelet
Extending I-Tropos for Agile Software Development
December 2016
2016/24   Fanny Cambier, Ingrid Poncin
Fostering the Observing Brand Audience's Willingness-to-Engage through the Communication of co-Creational Efforts
December 2016
2016/23  Soreangsey Kiv, Samedi Heng, Yves Wautelet, Manuel Kolp
User-Story Driven Development of Multi-Agent Systems 
December 2016
2016/22  Ann Verbeke, Frank Janssen
Quelles sont les motivations d'un entrepreneur à se diriger vers un projet de développement durable?
October 2016
2016/21 Mathieu Zen,  Jean Vanderdonckt
Assessing User Interface Aesthetics based on the intersubjectivity of judgment
October 2016
2016/20 Christian Gnekpe, Régis Coeurderoy
Internal technological knowledge and the choice between acquisition and alliance
September 2016
2016/19 Roxane De Hoe, Frank Janssen, Olivier Giacomin
Sortie entrepreneuriale et déterminants explicatifs à l'intention de recréer
August 2016
2016/18  Amélie Wuillaume, Amélie Jacquemin, Frank Janssen
Tell me on which crowdfunding platform you are and I tell you which crowd is yours (restreint access)
August 2016
2016/17 Yves Wautelet, Samedi Heng, Manuel Kolp, Loris Penserini, Stephan Peolmans
Designing a MOOC as an Agent-Platform Aggregating Heterogeneous Virtual Learning Environments
July 2016
2016/16 Samedi Heng, Yves Wautelet, Manuel Kolp, Isabelle Mirbel and Stephan Poelmans
Building a Rationale Diagram for Evaluationg User Story Sets
July 2016
2016/15 Imane Hssini, Nadine Meskens
Distribution et gestion des stocks des produits sanguins: revue de littérature
July 2016
2016/14 Virginie Bruneau, Valérie Swaen, Pietro Zidda
Enhancing customer participation in loyalty programs
July 2016
2016/13 Alice Sanna, Marcel Gérard
The Efficiency of VAT and the Quality of Governance
July 2016
2016/12 Gerrit Sarens
Multiple Agency Theory in Corporate Governance: An Alternative Lens to Study Independent Directors
June 2016
2016/11 Gerrit Sarens, Arno Nuijten
What happens when internal auditors experience that managers turn a deaf ear in information system projects?
June 2016
2016/10 Etienne Denis, Claude Pecheux
Self-interested motivations of charitable giving: an exploratory analysis
June 2016
2016/09  Marie Antoine, Laurent Taskin
The influence of the office on organisation identity construction, the case of open space, clean desk and home-based office  (restricted access)
May 2016
2016/08 Iskra Herak, Nicolas Kervyn, Rodolpe Kameijeski, Marie-Amélie Martinie
Different approach to the theory of cognitive dissonance: perception of a dissonant consumer depending on her group belonging
May 2016
2016/07 José Miguel Quesada, Jean-Sébastien Tancrez, Jean-Charles Lange
A multi-hub express shipment service network desing model with flexible hub assignment
May 2016
2016/06 Gerrit Sarens, Giuseppe D'Onza
Perceptions of financial analysts on risk, risk management and internal control disclosure :
evidence from Belgium and Italy

April 2016
2016/05 Giuseppe d'Onza, Gerrit Sarens, Nathanaël Betti
Factors enhancing the internal auditing function's ability to add value to the auditees.
Evidences from Italian companies.
March 2016
2016/04 Gerrit Sarens, Rainer Lenz, Loïc Decaux
Insights into self-images of internal auditors
February 2016
2016/03 Yves Wautelet, Samedi Heng, Manuel Kolp, Christelle Scharff
Towards an Agent-Driven Software Architecture Aligned with User Stories
February 2016
2016/02 Thanh-Diane Nguyen, Jean Vanderdonckt, Ahmed Seffah
Generative Pattern as a Development Tool for Multi-User Experiences, Multi-devices and Multi-platforms Mobile
February 2016
2016/01 Laurent Taskin, Juvénal Ndayambaje
Révéler la conception dominante de l'Homme au travail sous-jacente à l'enseignement de la Gestion des Ressources Humaines
January 2016