Working Papers 2017

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

2017/24 Christian Gnekpe, Régis Coeurderoy 
Patent Portfolio, Technology Diversity and the Choice between Acquisition and Alliance (restricted access)
December 2017

2017/23 Pauline Munten, Valérie Swaen, Joëlle Vanhamme 
Curbing product obsolescence in B2C markets: an integrative framework for business approaches insired by the product-service system typology (restricted access)
December 2017

2017/22 Marine De Ridder, Olivier Jegou, Anne Rousseau
Agilité organisationnelle et management humain: Quelle(s) logique(s) managériale(s)?
December 2017

2017/21 Felix Sommer, François Fouss
Modularity-driven kernel k-means for community detection
December 2017

2017/20 Corentin Hericher, Nicolas raineri, Jorge Humberto Mejia-Morelos, Pascal Paillé
Natural environment-oriented corporate social responsibility as determinant for organizational citizenship behavior toward the environment through anticipated guilt: A deontic perspective
December 2017

2017/19 Imane Hssini, Nadine Meskens, Fouad Riane
Blood Products Inventory Routing Problem with Transshipment and Substitution
September 2017

2017/18 Charlotte De Kort, Benoit Gailly, Françoise de Viron
A multi-level framework of the determinants for organizational innovation (restricted access)
July 2017

2017/17 Iskra Herak, Nicolas Kervyn, Matthew Thomson
Humanness in Marketing: Anthropomorphism and Dehumanization (restricted access)
June 2017

2017/16 Virginie Vandenbulke, Caroline Ducarroz, François Fouss
Personalized Collaborative recommenations in the Mass-retailing Sector: the Impact of the Recommended Products and the Accompanying Message on Consume Behavior (restricted access)
June 2017

2017/15 Marie Antoine
The influence of offices reconfiguration on organisational identity construction: a conventionalist approach (restricted access)
June 2017

2017/14 Chloé Jacquemin
Exploring dehumanizing effects of participative management practices (restricted access)
June 2017

2017/13 Nguyen Vu, Manuel Kolp
Aligning Requirements-Driven Software Processes with IT Governance
June 2017

2017/12 Hassan Haidar, Manuel Kolp
Agile Product Line Engineering: the AgiFPL method
June 2017

2017/11 Isabelle Schuiling
Is it the end of the “logomania” in China’s luxury market?
June 2017

2017/10 Soreangsey Kiv, Samedi Heng, Manuel Kolp, Yves Wautelet
An intentional perspective on partial agile adoption 
June 2017

2017/09 Amelie Wuillaume, Amélie Jacquemin, Frank Janssen
"Cher crowd, laisse-moi te raconter une histoire…" L’influence du contenu émotionnel, du sentiment d’appartenance à la communauté et de l’authenticité de la narration entrepreneuriale sur le succès à lever des fonds via le crowdfunding. (accès restreint)
May 2017

2017/08 Yves Wautelet, Samedi Heng, Manuel Kolp
Perspectives on User Story Based Visual Transformations
May 2017

2017/07 Stéphanie Coster, Evelyne Léonard
Respective Roles of Employer Strategies and Institutions on Job Quality: The case of household services sector in Belgium
May 2017

2017/06 Kamila Moulaï
Self-initiated Expatriation: From the international contextualization of a need for talent to the interest of a European focus regarding flows of mobility. (restricted access)
April 2017

2017/05 Fanny Cambier, Ingrid Poncin
Gift, Gift Return and Sanction, or how do non-Participants React Towards Empowering Brands’ messages?
April 2017

2017/04 Etienne Denis, Claude Pecheux
Social consequences of prosocial behaviors: the case of charitable donations
February 2017

2017/03 Thomas Leclercq, Ingrid Poncin, Wafa Hammedi
Investigation of users' profiles on a gamified co-creation platform
February 2017

2017/02 Hassan Haidar, Manuel Kolp, Yves Wautelet 
Goal-oriented Requirement Engineering for Agile Software Product Lines: an Overview
February 2017

2017/01 Kamila Moulaï
La vidéo-surveillance au travail : une provocation au coeur de la subjectivation?  D'une analyse foucaldienne à une ouverture merleau-pontienne. (accès restreint)
January 2017