The Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Families and Sexualities (CIRFASE) is a legacy of the former Institute for the Study of Family and Sexuality (IEFS). The IEFS aimed at promoting teaching and research in the field of family and sexuality, and had developed a key expertise in this field over the years. The majority of CIRFASE members come from the IEFS and continue to develop their expertise at the CIRFASE.

Research at the CIRFASE covers many disciplinary areas, such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, demography, law, history, psychoanalysis and sexology.

Finally, the CIRFASE is associated with the School of Sexology and Family Sciences, which trains future professionals to work in the areas of family, couple relationships and sexuality. The School of Sexology and Family Sciences is interdisciplinary and offers innovative training in a field that has historically been invaded by normative or timid apprehensions of the evolution of society. The School’s programme is available at the following address:

Objectives and mission

The CIRFASE is an interdisciplinary research centre which studies families and sexualities. Based on a team of researchers from the social, medical and human sciences, the centre offers a multidisciplinary understanding of the challenges posed by the transformation of familial, affective and sexual ties.

The CIRFASE’s main objectives are:

  • To develop interdisciplinary research on issues related to families, couples and sexuality from a clinical, theoretical and/or empirical perspective, and by combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies
  • To develop international networks and local partnerships
  • To circulate and promote scientific research in the field of families, couples and sexualities
  • To put its expertise at the service of policy makers and key stakeholders in the area