The application is prepared jointly by the applicant and his or her future supervisor in one of the three host institutions (UCL, UNamur or USL-B). The complete file (application form and annexes) is then submitted in electronic format (a single PDF) by the applicant to the UCL Research Department (crec-adre@uclouvain.be). For confidentiality reasons, the letter of recommendation of the home/host institution is sent directly to the UCL Research Administration (crec-adre@uclouvain.be) by specifying the name of the applicant in the email’s subject line.

Yes—if the PhD is expected to be awarded prior to research project’s launch. In this case, the expected date of presentation of the PhD thesis and a statement from your supervisor have to be included in the application. The PhD must be obtained before the second phase of evaluation by the jury (February 2016). ‘MOVE-IN Louvain’ Incoming Post-doc Fellowships are intended for experienced researchers holding a PhD or with at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience (please refer to point 2 of the Guide for Applicant).

No. However, applicants must have no more than six years of active post-doctoral experience.

This means that researchers with more than 10 years of research experience—which includes six years subsequent to obtaining the PhD—are not eligible to apply. The research project must start no later than six years to the day after obtaining the PhD or equivalent qualification.


Proposals from all areas of scientific and technological research are accepted.



Project activities must begin no later than 12 months after the call deadline (by 31 December 2016). The start date is decided in close coordination with the supervisor.


June 2016.




The quality of the candidate (40%), the quality of the research and training project (40%) and the impact (20%).




The complete application form together with the annexes are written in English in order to facilitate the evaluation by international experts. Exceptions are possible according to the research topic and if duly justified.




Researchers are encouraged to develop complementary skills in the course of their training. Please consult the host institution (UCL, UNamur or USL-B) for any questions on rules related to teaching activities, etc. 




The research project must take place in Belgium in one of the three host institutions, but it does not prevent the researcher from moving abroad within the framework of the research project. This has to be decided with the supervisor.




Yes. The fellow receives a bench-fee of €5,000/year for laboratory-based research or €2,500/year for non-laboratory based research. Part of this amount could be used for such expenses linked directly to the research project.



Yes. In fact, candidates who satisfy F.R.S.-FNRS conditions are strongly encouraged to apply simultaneously.