EURATOM - Nuclear Research: call for propositions 2018

DL: 27 September 2018 (17 h)

The use of nuclear technology in the EU has an outstanding nuclear safety record but research is still needed to maintain a high level of safety in operating nuclear facilities, including the treatment and long-term management of associated radioactive waste; and to better understand the risks and hazards associated with the use of radiation in medicine and industry.

A total indicative budget of around of EUR 70 M is allocated to this programme.

Focus areas

The activities funded by the current Work Programme are organized in seven sections:

  • Nuclear safety
  • Decommissioning and environmental remediation
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Education and training
  • Radiation protection
  • Promote innovation in nuclear safety
  • Fusion research

Where appropriate, social science and humanities, socio-economic issues and trans-national access to research infrastructures are addressed within each of the seven sections.

Description and conditions of the open calls

Deadline of the submission: Calls are all a single-stage based and the deadline of submissions is scheduled on 27 September 2018 (17h)

Contact details at UCL: feel free to contact Mr Dodji Amouzou (+32(0)10-47.35.14) if you have any questions about this work program.

Published on July 17, 2018