Nina Baek, Fulbright recipient at UCL

The Fulbright Program is an American scholarship program of competitive, merit-based grants for international educational and cultural exchange for students, scholars, teachers, professionals, scientists and artists.. The grants cover costs associated with study, research, and/or lecturing at the graduate (Master’s or Ph.D) or post-doctoral level at accredited universities and think tanks.

UCLouvain is one of those and has welcomed Nina Baek from Washington as a Fulbright English teaching assistant for 2017-2018. As all fulbright recepients, Nina Baek has an outstanding academic background and ambassadorial qualities necessary for educational and cultural exchange. At the end of her stay in Belgium, she will return to the USA to share her newfound knowledge. In this video she explains why she applied for a Fulbright grant and why she chose Belgium. In addition, she talks about the most memorable moment of her program so far. Finally, she discusses how her life will change as a result of her participation in the program.

Published on February 27, 2018