Manage your doctoral training

Whenever you have accomplished a doctoral training activity, you should add it in the corresponding category within the MY DOCTORAL TRAINING area. By doing so, you will keep track of your training programme.

Regularly, you should submit the added activities to the PhD commission which will validate the eligibility and the number of credits for each activity. You must submit your activities before the confirmation and before the private defense. However, we recommend you to submit your activities regularly (typically once a year). Once an activity is credited, it will remain in your records but you will not be able to modify it.

The conditions of eligibility of training activities and their default ECTS values are explained here.

The MY DOCTORAL TRAINING area contains several tabs.

  • The Status tab indicates the total number of credits that have been validated in each category since the beginning of your PhD. The list of these activities appears in the Details tab.
  • The Conference tab lists all conferences you have attended. You can add here new conferences and, for each, the list of communication activities you have made in that conference. The number of days of participation will be counted in the category “training” while the communication activities will be counted in the “communication” category. Please fill all fields and upload the requested documents (certificate of attendance, certificate that you made an oral communcation or poster; copy of the first page of the published paper or abstract). As a general policy of UCL, we also ask you to provide the DIAL.Pr notice for your posters, talks and (extended) abstracts.
  • The Journal papers tab lists your scientific publications (except those that relate to a conference, which you add in the conference tab). When you add a new publication, fill all fields and upload a copy of the first page of the published paper. As a general policy of UCL, we also ask you to provide the DIAL.Pr notice for each paper.
  • The Seminar tab lists the seminars (or seminar cycles) that you have attended as well as those which you have given. When you add a new seminar (or seminar cycle), use the Role field to specify whether you attended (participant) or presented (presenter) the seminar. Seminars which you attended will be counted in the “training” category, while presentations that you made will be counted in the “communication” category.
  • The Others tab lists activities that do not fall within one of the main categories.
  • The Teaching tab lists teaching activities at UCL or elsewhere.
  • The Submit tab is a summary of all training activities that have been added in the different categories and that may be submitted for evaluation by the PhD commission. To submit one or more activities, ckeck the corresponding boxes at the left of the activity and select SUBMIT. These activities will be locked during the evaluation process. After the submission, you supervisor will be invited by email to verify and accept your submission. Once this is done, the request will be evaluated by the PhD commission. Activities accepted by the commission will be transferred to the Details tab and will not show up in the Submit tab. Activities that have not been accepted will remain in the Submit tab, and will appear in red. You can review the comments of the commission and re-submit these activities later if you wish.
  • The Details tab is a summary of all activities that have been validated the PhD commission. The sum of credits listed in this table appears in the Status tab.