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Completion of this 180-credit programme, typically over three years, earns the student a bachelor’s degree. The degree holder is eligible to pursue the corresponding master’s degree. Depending on programme and prerequisites, obtaining the bachelor’s degree can also open the way to other master’s programmes.

During this fundamental degree programme, the student learns a general approach to the field, gains exposure to related fields (particularly through a minor) and develops skills specific to a university education: autonomy, critical thinking, comprehension, research, communication and creativity, in accordance with the chosen field of knowledge.

UCL offers 42 bachelor’s programmes across all fields.

  • A defining feature of UCL bachelor’s programmes is the possibility to choose a ‘minor’. Four types of minor enable the student to approach the curriculum from enlightening, distinct points of view.
  • Another UCL advantage is the emphasis on learning languages throughout the bachelor’s programme, which will empower the student to achieve genuine multicultural and professional integration. Meanwhile, during each academic year, UCL makes every effort to support its students, in terms of providing high quality teaching and learning assistance and offering help in social, psychological and other dimensions that contribute to success. During the first year of the bachelor’s programme, several such forms of support are offered at university, faculty and programme levels.
  • International mobility and discovering other academic environments are integral parts of a UCL education. Certain bachelor’s programmes offer the opportunity to gain international experience.
  • Finally, students with a specific profile (athletes; artists; entrepreneurs; students with a disability, serious illness or disorder) can take advantage of a particular status (part of the ‘Programme for Students with a Specific Profile’, French acronym ‘PEPS’) that allows for special arrangements in their university curriculum.

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