Woluwe Campus (Brussels)

Inaugurated in 1976, the Brussels campus of UClouvain located in Woluwe St Lambert revolves around four Faculties of Health Sciences and the University Clinics St Luc.

Institutes of Higher education (ECAM, Parnasse-deux Alice, Ephec, etc.), a primary school, a major sports complex, leading companies (FMC BioPolymer, National Cancer Institute, European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer, Boehringer Ingelheim, etc.) have transformed the site into a busy, densely populated area, attended daily by 26,000 students, patients, workers and visitors.

This UClouvain site has not been left behind in terms of cultural openness and leisure. Research institutes located there drain researchers of all nationalities. The students weave a network of solidarity and animation, the kots-à-projet and the student associations organize conferences, concerts, exhibitions, etc. From there, you only need to take the metro to enjoy the excitement of the city center.

With its striking architecture, the university site of Woluwe houses a sculpture garden, a medicinal plant garden, an old farm and a mill. Village in the city, it is very urban and well airy all at once, thanks to its 52 hectares of land.

7 km away from Brussels National Airport, and 15 minutes from the Grand Place by metro, it is truly located in the heart of Europe.