Summer preparatory and introductory health sciences courses

Bruxelles Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles Woluwe, Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons, Tournai

  • Summer preparatory courses are intended for those who will soon begin undergraduate or graduate study and want to get a head start. They take place in late August and will help you:
  • become familiar with first-year subject matter and adapt your work methods;
  • affirm your choice of studies;
  • learn about daily campus life and meet other future students.

Introductory health science course

Organised by the UCL Health Sciences Sector, this health sciences preparatory course is intended for future students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, biomedical or motor skills sciences. They have one main goal: help the student use an interdisciplinary approach to create bridges between biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

These courses take place, according to programme (human sciences, exact sciences, architecture), at all UCL sites:

  • Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Brussels-Woluwe
  • Mons
  • Tournai
  • Brussels-Saint-Gilles