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Artistic residencies at l'UCLouvain

A unique experience in Belgium

If science allows us to know the world better, art helps give it meaning. In a society that is all about immediate profit, artists are more than ever necessary to question humanity about the meaning of its existence and its progress.

Hence, since 2005, UCLouvain has welcomed artists-in-residence in cinema, literature, music, plastic arts, and other fields.

This experience brings tremendous enrichment to the university community and opens up new horizons. It offers students, professors and researchers the opportunity to interact with artists, discover their vision of humanity and the world, and above all to work with them on a collective artistic project.

Since 2005, the artists-in-residence programme has involved:

  • more than 350 students initiated to an artistic practice (courses and practical work);
  • concerts, shows, debates, study days, exhibitions, and other events;
  • 4,000 people outside the university community informed by the chair ;
  • regular media coverage.

To finance this initiative, UCLouvain called on the Louvain Foundation, which created the Artists-in-Residence Chair. The chair should enable the university to allow artists to teach certain parts of courses, seminars, workshops and training sessions.


‘The artist-in-residence holds the chair and teaches certain parts of courses, seminars, workshops and training sessions.’



In practice

Each UCLouvain artist-in-residence leads a seminar which is part of the minor in culture and creativity. They lead a dialogue with students based on their work and approach. During one term, the artist shares their experience and introduces students to artistic practice.

At the end of the seminar, students publicly present the fruit of their creative work.

In addition, faculties can benefit from the artist, who often pushes university disciplines to the limits of their queries.