Exam process

The professor indicates a Test start time. For exams targeting large cohorts, the start can be organised in groups staggered by five minutes. It is advisable to connect to the platform 15 minutes before exam start time and to wait on the course home page. At the start time, the Test will be made accessible after reloading the course home page. The allotted time to answer all questions in a Test is limited and a countdown is displayed on the right of the screen.

An exam termination time is also specified in the instructions. Those who start their Test late may not have the time allocated for the exam because the Test will be automatically made inaccessible at the announced termination time, regardless of the displayed countdown.

The exam ends with a double validation of answers. If you do not answer all the questions within the allotted time, those that you did answer are recorded and automatically validated when the Test is closed.

Students who take the exam in an on-campus room will be asked to be present 30 minutes before the exam start. The exam will be the same for all students. All health precautions will be taken. Gel will be available at room entrance/exit; a mask will be at your disposal; the room and keyboards will be cleaned after each exam.