Expected exam behaviour

Secure IT environment

The secure online exam formula chosen by the university offers a wide range of methods to prevent cheating, both when the exam is created by the professor and during and after the exam. It goes without saying that the university made sure that TestWe complied with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) before opting for this platform.

The system allows questions and answers to be presented randomly on the screen. Questions may be timed or returning to them blocked. Finally, each exam will be set up for a defined duration. After this period, you will no longer be able to modify your copy.

When the TestWe software is launched, the application is displayed in full screen and prevents you from accessing the internet, other applications, your documents, the office or keyboard shortcuts. Any attempt to cheat (such as using a second screen connected to the computer) results in the application being stopped. TestWe software accesses your camera from the start of the test and takes a photo of you and a photo of your student card.


Throughout the duration of the exam, camera surveillance will be carried out automatically and randomly. For each exam, your identity will be verified by two initial photographs, one of you and the other of your student card. It is important to stay in the camera field throughout the exam. After the exam professors will be able to examine the photos, which will be destroyed after the examination has been corrected, except in the event of irregularities.

Please not that a simple glance to the side and movements usually observed in a person who is thinking certainly do not in themselves mean that the student is cheating. The photos will only detect blatant questionable behaviour in which case the professor will contact the student to clarify the situation.

Authorised documents

Unless explicitly stated by the professor, a TestWe exam is closed book. Therefore, you cannot have within your sight any documents, books, notes, sheets, computers, tablets, smartphones, or any other medium allowing you to consult information or communicate. For some exams, the professor can specify the use of a specific book, such as a civil code. Unless expressly authorised by the professor, scratch paper is prohibited.

Scam alert

In recent days, the testweare.com site has been selling software that would allow you to cheat under TestWe. It is a scam, denounced in particular on the site ‘Anti Arnaques’, and could turn out to be malware.