Exam process

Before the exam

To prepare well, it is advisable to prepare no differently than for a written exam taken in the classroom (get a good night’s sleep, have drinks and snacks at hand, etc.). Identify a quiet and comfortable workplace. Remember to prepare all the resources you will need for your exam (calculator, etc.).

Start the exam

You are asked to log into Gradescope (www.gradescope.com) 15 minutes before the start of the exam. Make sure you are connected to the internet (wired if possible).

If you have several exams that use Gradescope, choose the course for which you must complete your exam.

Note that your exam will appear in the dashboard of the selected course at the scheduled start time. It is therefore normal to not see anything if you connect in advance. Refresh your dashboard page at your exam’s start time.

You will see a reminder of the technical instructions for your exam before launching it: start time, end time, possibly a timed duration of the exam (timing per question is not possible for this type of exam). Please read the instructions carefully.

During the exam

If your exam is timed, you will see a timer appear at the top right of your screen for the duration of your exam.

For each open question, check what is expected of you as a type of delivery: live online response or delivery of a file. If you are asked to submit a file (preferable PDF format), do not forget to take into account the time required to upload the file. For each of the multiple choice questions, check all possible answers.

From the start of and throughout the exam, you will have access to all exam questions and you can return to a question as many times as you want. Thus you can view all the questions and start answering whichever you prefer to start with. For live answer questions to be written in Gradescope, you can start answering a question and if you get stuck, move on to the next one, then go back to the question where you were stuck to complete it. For a question with expected file delivery, you can download the file several times, only the last file downloaded will be considered.

Submission of answers:

  • If your exam is timed (information given at the start of the exam and timer on the screen), your answers to open questions will be automatically saved throughout the exam.
  • If your exam is not timed, you must submit your answer to each question immediately.

Next to the ‘Submit’ button is the time of your last submission.

A loss of connection during the exam is not a problem. Your exam is automatically saved in Gradescope (continuously in the timed version and via your ‘Submit’ in the non-timed version) and will be restored as soon as your connection returns.

A ‘backup’ procedure in the event of an initial technical failure or during the examination is described below. We therefore encourage you to have nearby a means of calling the UCLouvain Service Desk.

Exam termination

Each exam will have a set end time and possibly a defined duration (if the timer is used). After this exam end time, you will no longer be able to submit one of your answers or modify your copy. When using a timer, the exam will stop automatically at the end of the elapsed time and you will no longer be able to modify your copy.

You should not press any final ‘finish my exam’ button. If you have answered all of the questions and submitted all of the files requested, then all is well! Your answers are saved either automatically (in case of timing), or each time you send (submit). So there is no button for sending a final version of your exam.

You can view your version of the exam at any time by clicking ‘View my submission’.

If your exam has been successfully submitted, you will see ‘Submitted’ in your dashboard.