Teacher training programme


In the event of the divergence between the different linguistic versions of the present conditions, the French version shall prevail.
Decree of 7 November 2013 defining the landscape of higher education and the academic organization of studies.
The admission requirements must be met prior to enrolment in the University.


Secondary school teacher training (AESS) is open only to holders of a Master’s (second-cycle) degree awarded within the French Community of Belgium or a degree obtained abroad and deemed equivalent in accordance with this Decree, a European directive, an international convention or other legislation, subject to the same requirements.

Students in the final stages of a minimum 120-credit Master’s degree at an institution in the French Community may simultaneously enrol for teacher training. However, students admitted on these terms cannot be officially accepted until they have obtained the necessary Master’s degree.

Anyone not demonstrating sufficient proficiency in French will not be admitted to teacher training (AESS) examinations.

The teaching degree programme is 30 credits. Exceptionally, the faculty may grant certain students a dispensation to organise their studies differently, such as registering for a programme which may have fewer than 30 credits during an academic year. This dispensation is the subject of an agreement between the student and the faculty, drawn up at the time of registration and reviewed annually. Such dispensations may only be granted for duly attested professional, academic, social or medical reasons. Reasoned applications for a reduced programme must be submitted at the time of registration. They must contain a reduced programme proposal in accordance with faculty guidelines.

On the Louvain-la-Neuve campus:
Some classes take place according to a staggered schedule. Cross-curricular classes and seminars are offered in sevreal series with different schedules; students choose the series whose schedule suits them best.

On the Mons campus:
All classes-but not internships- take place according to a staggeres schedule (weekday evenings and Saturdays)