Cards and certificates


The Enrolment Office provides students with enrolment/registration certificates and two cards adapted to their situation

What certificates are they? When and where are they available?

These are:

For more details, Registration Services invites students to consult the information below:

  • Access card

    The access card allows you to use various UCLouvain resources (including libraries).
    Detailed informations are available at the smartcard website (activation, use, replacement in case of loss or theft, etc.). You must identify yourself before accessing this page, take note that this page only exists in French for now.

    If you do not yet have an access card, the Enrolment Office will send one to your legal address or to your residence in Belgium* in the days following receipt of your enrolment confirmation notice.
    Students without an address or residence in Belgium will be noticed by the Enrolment Office as soon as the card is delivered to us.

    If you already have an access card, it remains valid throughout your period of study in accordance with the first bullet point below.

    Notes :

    • If you maintain your UCLouvain enrolment, your card remains valid until the 30 November of the following year; with each subsequent academic year’s enrolment, the same card is automatically renewed for another year – therefore, make sure to safeguard your card, as its replacement is expensive (€20).
    • In case of loss, theft or damage, follow the replacement instructions at the smartcard website.
    • If you do not receive a card or your car dis defective, please come to the Enrolment Office.
    • If you are a student AND a UCLouvain staff member, you are required to carry a specific access card issued by the HR Department (ARH).

    (*)Exchange students excepted

  • Student card

    The permanent student card is proof of your enrolment at UCLouvain (to qualify, for example, for student discounts). It is also proof of any sport memberships.

    Since the academic year 2019-2020 the UCLouvain student card provides free access to sizable discounts at many cultural institutions on all campuses. Get all the information at the dedicated page

    The card is valid for one year and renewed when registering for each academic year.

    When and where will I receive my student card ?

    After confirming your enrolment , the Enrolment Office will send to your virtual office, a ‘Provisional student card’. After confirming payment of your tuition fees, the Enrolment Office will send you by post, to your Belgian address, your permanent student card.*

    In case of loss or theft, please come to the Enrolment Office of your study location (€2.50 for replacement).

    (*) Except for exchange students who receive the card from their faculty

  • Enrolment certificates

    A few days after acceptance and confirmation of your enrolment, the Enrolment Office will send a notice to your UCLouvain email address to print, via your virtual office ( click the widget ‘My studies’ > ‘My enrolment certificates’), your official enrolment certificates (enrolment confirmation, tuition fee bill and two public transport certificates).
    An e-mail will be automatically sent to your UClouvain e-mail address to inform you of the availability of the documents and/or their update.

    This enrolment confirmation will inform you how to receive additional enrolment certificates for:

    • family allowances(*)
    • health insurance,
    • scholarships,

    and for international students:

    • certificate for your municipal administration.

    (*) The Enrolment Office does not complete family allowance fund forms. The "ABC" certificate (with 'family allowance' written on it), available on your student virtual office after your registration and receipt of tuition fee payment, is sufficient to confirm your enrolment at the University.

    For all certificates related to your studies, consult the informations below.

  • Public transport passes

    After the Enrolment Office confirms your enrolment, it sends students an enrolment confirmation notice and official documents, including two duplicate certificates that include the UCLouvain FASE number required for obtaining a train and/or bus pass.

    The certificates remain valid for the academic year.

    However, students who wish to obtain a train pass must attach an additional form available here or on request.

    ATTENTION: This form must be completed only by the student applying, not by the UCLouvain Enrolment Office. In addition, the student must attach the certificate required for obtaining public transport passes, which is provided by the Enrolment Office after Enrolment confirmation.

  • Specific certificates

    The Enrolment Office can, on specific request, provide special certificates intended for institutions or employers, obtaining certain discounts, etc.

    For example :

    • certificates of achievement;
    • certificates of attendance;
    • full academic transcripts;
    • study period certificates for pension calculation;
    • ... .

    Note : In application of the law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, requests must be sent by e-mail to the enrolment service of your campus, with a copy of both sides of your identity card or passeport. Please indicate your NOMA (matricule number) within the e-mail's subject.

    The Faculties and Subject-specific doctoral committees (French initialism, CDD) are responsible for delivering degrees and any supplements and appendices, records of marks, and enrolment and attendance certificates related to paid educational leave.