Application procedure for students who do not have a Belgian degree


This application procedure applies to all students who do not have a Belgian degree. Before completing the online application form, please read the application criteria applying to certain programmes.

To be eligible to apply to a bachelor’s programme, non-EU nationals who do not have Belgian student status must:

- have earned a secondary school degree within the last five years;

- not already hold a bachelor’s degree; and,

- if they earned their secondary school degree outside Europe, have either achieved at least a 13/20 average or successfully completed one year of studies in Belgium (for example, the math/science programme at the UCL Training School Lycée Martin V).

Please also read the information on obtaining foreign upper secondary education degree equivalence (e.g. baccalauréat national), entrance exams and competitive and entrance exams for regulated professions (MEDE).
Exceptional situations for certain bachelor’ programmes



Online application required?


Non residents


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation




Veterinary medicine



Health sector entrance exam (TOSS)

Psychological and educational sciences, speech therapy focus







Entrance exam

Dental sciences



Entrance exam


Engineering Science civil  entrance examinations (fr)

Engineering Architecture 

entrance examinations (fr)

Message for European university medical degree holders, internship and advanced master’s (medical specialities except occupational medicine) entrance exam: admissions for the 2016-17 academic year closed on 31 January 2016. You can contact us beginning in November 2016 for 2017-18 application criteria.


Before applying online, prospective doctoral applicants must read ‘Before you begin a doctorate’.

Attention: You must have a thesis adviser prior to applying for admission.


Complete the following online application:

Mandatory online application

Before beginning your online application, please read this practical information.

If you have questions, please first consult our FAQs.

The following deadlines are NON-NEGOTIABLE:

ATTENTION: The above deadlines do not apply to doctoral programmes, for which applications can be received throughout the year.


    • 30 April: online application deadline for non-EU national students who do not reside in Belgium.
    • 31 August: online application deadline for EU national students who do not reside in Belgium.
    • 15 September: online application and dossier submission deadline for applicants of any nationality who reside in Belgium.