Doctorate admission requirements


In the event of the divergence between the different linguistic versions of the present conditions, the French version shall prevail

Decree of 7 November 2013 defining the landscape of higher education and the academic organization of studies.

Admission requirements must be met at the time of registration at the university. All information can be obtained from the Enrolment Office.

The general conditions set by the academic authorities, have access to postgraduate (phD) studies to obtain the grade which sanctions them, students who wear:

  1.  an academic degree of at least 120 credits;
  2.  a similar academic degree awarded by an institution of higher education, in the French Community or outside it, by virtue of a decision of the academic authorities and with the additional conditions that they set. These additional access conditions consist of one or more additional courses, these can not represent for the student more than 60 additional credits, taking into account all the credits that he can further value upon admission. These lessons are part of his curriculum;
  3.  a recognized foreign academic degree equivalent to those mentioned in paragraphs 1 ° to 2 ° in application of this decree, of a European directive, of an international convention or of another legislation, under the same conditions;
  4. a title, diploma, degree or certificate of second cycle, in the French Community or outside thereof, which does not give him access to postgraduate studies under the preceding paragraph may, however, be admitted by the Examination Board subject to the additional conditions that it sets, if all the higher studies it has followed with fruit is valued by the jury for at least 300 credits.

By way of derogation from these general conditions and the additional conditions which they lay down, the academic authorities may also admit to holders of a third-level degree, diploma, grade or certificate issued outside the French Community which, in this system of origin , gives direct access to doctoral training or studies and works related to the preparation of a doctoral thesis, even if the studies sanctioned by these titles or grades are not organized in separate cycles or in at least five years. This admission must be exceptional and duly motivated on the basis, in particular, of the formal and authentic proof of this capacity to pursue doctoral studies in the system of origin.