Enrolment documents



After completing online enrolment, the student receives a list of documents he or she must provide.

The following is an overview of the documents generally required:

For atypical situations related to student background, or if the programme demands it, the required enrolment authorisation.

  • copy of front and back of identification card or passport;
  • two passport photos (colour on white background) pasted on the indicated places on the enrolment form;
  • copy of your upper secondary education teacher training certificate or other university teaching credential.

In the following cases, additional documents are required:

For post-secondary studies or experience:

  • copies of degrees;
  • certification of no outstanding debts by any higher education institution attended since the start of the 2014-15 academic year;
  • supporting documents/certification of your activity over the past five years (or from September 2011 until your enrolment):
    • results and credits attempted/earned of any successful or failed studies;
    • activities (language training, exchange, work, unemployment, etc.), including start and end dates.

All of post-secondary school history must be accounted for.

  • For professional experience or job-seeking periods, employer (contracts not accepted) or organisation certification must specify dates.
  • For unemployment, in addition to the above, National Employment Office (ONEM) certificate indicating you never obtained an exemption to undertake higher education during periods of unemployment.

Documents to provide for enrolment in the following bachelor’s programmes: