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French Community of Belgium study grants
Limited income and social discount fee
Three children at UCLouvain
Child of UCLouvain staff

Under certain economic and academic conditions, the  French Community of Belgium Study Grant Departmentmay be able to award you a grant and/or grant you a student loan (information: +32 (0)2/413.37.37).

Apply online as soon as possible beginning 1 July 2018 and no later than 31 october 2018.

This is a complex subject, which is why  Student Support Service social workers are available to assist you in accordance with your personal situation.

Under certain conditions, students can benefit from a tuition discount based on limited income (and as long as the student does not benefit from a French Community of Belgium study grant). 

The student’s application dossier must: :



Please note : you can apply for this specific tuition fee at any time during the current academic year . But we strongly advise you to applyas soon as possible

The limited income discount tuition fee for the 2018-19 academic year is €374 (for primary enrolment).

When the student does not qualify for a French Community of Belgium study grant or the limited income discount tuition fee, the student can, under certain conditions, apply for UCLouvain social discount tuition fee of €485 (primary enrolment).F

Need help?

It’s not always easy to navigate all the grant criteria, especially the possible exceptions. To get help, do not hesitate to ; contact us or: 

- Iman Chaabane (  Student Support Service in Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels Woluwe, Brussels Saint-Gilles and Tournai.

- Anne Sophie Hazebroucq ( Student Support Service in Charleroi and Mons.

In certain cases, UCLouvain offers a grant to families with at least three children simultaneously enrolled at UCLouvain.

To find out if you qualify, contact the appropriate staff member below.

Your children’s campus Enrolment Office

Contact person

Bruxelles Woluwe
Bruxelles Saint-Gilles

Iman Chaabane
Mons Anne-Sophie Hazebroucq

Children of current or former university staff can qualify for free tuition and summer courses if their parent meets the criteria.

To benefit from this, the student submits to the RH Office a  Tuition fee waiver form either downloaded by their parent via UCLouvain intranet login (go to ‘Forms, All, Tuition fee waiver form’) or requested from the RH Office (contact Ms Serville-Jehoulet).

Additional information is available at the RH Office intranet website (login required).
SEE:   Study grants, tuition fee.

For all questions regarding tuition fees, please contact the Enrolment Office

PhD or advanced master’s programme tuition fees can be waived under certain conditions for students who:

  • enrol for the first time in a PhD (PhD + doctoral training) or an advanced master’s programme
  • having fulfilled the above condition, continue their enrolment in the programme’s successive academic year

AND who, moreover, belong to certain categories of UCLouvain staff members can benefit, under certain conditions  of a free enrolment  to one of thoses programmes

Eligible UCLouvain students and staff, and the required documentation for submission to the Enrolment Office: :

  • les assistants

  • les boursiers

  • les chercheurs (sous contrat ou des "grands fonds")

Procédures pour bénéficier de la gratuité

  • The Enrolment Office already has the necessary information provided by the HR Service and the free enrolment is automatically applied.

  • The Enrolment Office does not have the necessary information: in this case, the data subject is asked to submit, according to his situation, a specific document:

    • Teaching assistants: a copy of their employment contract to the grade of assistant at the time of registration

    • Scholarship recipients :

      • For the first registration: a copy of the scholarship letter at the time of registration.

      • For a reenrolment: a copy of their extansion letter of the scholarship at the time of registration.

    • Researchers (contracted or covered by ‘major funds’)  : a specific certificate to be requested by the UCLouvain HR service (Contacts:  Laeticia Genin ou  Ombeline Masson.)
    • Administrative and technical staff members:  : a specific certificate to be requested by the UCLouvain HR service (Contacts:  Laeticia Genin ou  Ombeline Masson.)

For any questions related to registration fees, please contact  the accounting Department of Enrolment Office


Social workers at the Student Support Office are available throughout the year to propose vous proposer des  inancial aid possibilities for your situation, even if you already benefit from a French Community of Belgium scholarship.

They will examine your academic, economic and family situation and assemble a financial aid application dossier or submission to a decision-making committee.

To assemble your dossier, make an appointment with a Student Support Service social worker. No financial aid application will be accepted without prior consultation with a social worker.

If financial concerns are making you delay your decision to register for next year, beginning in May you can make an appointment with a social worker to learn about financial aid possibilities for your situation.

Your accommodation request must be done on-line :

Doctoral or advanced master’s degree discount

UCLouvain financial aid

Reduced rent