FAQs (frequently asked questions)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find a set of popular questions and answers. Click on of the themes below

General questions
Studies at UCLouvain
Enrol at UCLouvain
Enrolment Fees
and studying costs
Obtain legal documents
UCLouvain cards
In case of technical problems, who should I contact?
What are the hours of operation of the Enrolment Office?
How can I contact a UCLouvain staff member??
Who do I contact concerning accommodation?
How can I learn more about classes, courses, etc.?
How to use my student dashboard?
Where do I register for or learn about a course in the field of medicine?
How can I learn more about preparatory courses?
How do I register for the civil engineering entrance exam ?
Where can I find information on contingented studies (physiotherapy, medecine, speech therapy, veterinary, dentistry )?
How do I plan to renew an enrolment authorization I obtained last year?
What is a Belgian degree
If I am studying outside the EU but I'm assimilated to a Belgian student, what should I indicate in my online application?
What is the difference between a 11 BA and 1 BA study programme?
How do I know if I have to take the French language exam?
When and in which case should I ask for the equivalence for my degree at the French Community of Belgium?
How can you obtain the belgian equivalence of your foreign degree
What can I do if my last institution didn't use ECTS (European Credits System)
What do I need to fill in the online enrolment form if my notes and results transcript does not indicate credits enrolled / acquired?
How many valid online enrolment form can I submit and how many files will I have to send in the end?
What to do, if in my online enrolment, I am asked for a document that does not seem to concern me?
How to do it, if during my online request, we ask you for a document that you do not have (yet)?
Before submitting my application for re-enrollment for the next academic year, what documents do I have to produce if I were concurrently enrolled in a master's degree and a bachelor's degree with residual credits?
How do you do to add a complementary document to your online enrolmen if you have not the option to
What if the document I'm trying to upload to my online enrolment form is too big?
I wish to enrol for a CAPAES program, are there specific documents to attach to my online enrolment form?
Do I need to have my documents translated by an official translator?
What if I want to modify an personal information once the online enrolment form has been confirmed
What should I do to have my enrolment analyzed by the UCLouvain's Enrolment Office?
What are the documents to provide in my paper admission file?
What is a certified copy and how to obtain it?
Do I have to attach certified copies in my paper dossier?
What happens when my dossier is analyzed by the Enrolment Office?
What happens once I have been enroled?
When does the academic year start?
When and how can I submit my enrolment form?
I am still eligible for funding in the eyes of the French Community of Belgium ?
The Enrolment Office asked me for a waiver for non-fundability. Who should I ask ?
Why did I just receive an enrolment rejection letter for lack of funding?
Can I deliver my application file in person or am I obliged to send it by post?
The Enrolment Office asked me for an admission authorisation – where do I get it??
How to obtain bank details for the payment of the annual fees?
Do I have to pay something before sending my dossier?
Is the amount of € 200 valid for the 2 admission requests or must the amount be paid for each request submitted?
Where can I find information about scholarships and tuition waivers?
What is the bank deposit guarantee as proof of financial means?
How do I obtain a debt clearance certificate?
How do I obtain a certificate of attendance or course enrolment?
How do I obtain a public transport certificate?
How do I obtain a family allowance certificate?
• How do I obtain my transcripts?
How do I legalise my UCLouvain degree?
I received my student card but not my sport card.
I never received my student and/or access card.
I lost my student card.
I lost my access card.
I would like to change my photo.
I got a question on the "Solidarity" card
I got a question on the culture card
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