Brussels Saint-Gilles - Enrolment Office



Rue Henri Wafelaerts, 47/51 box B3.01.01 
B-1060 Brussels

The FIRST step of both the admission and enrolment processes is completion of the online application form.

The Enrolment Office at the Saint-Gilles site only manages Architectural requests

Duty office


You have a question ? We strongly invite you to formulate it by completing this form. Something preventing you from using this form?
Please note that our service is also accessible by phone according to the time slots listed below.
As you will see, the reception of our service is also open to the public, but, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask you to come there if it is really necessary or if the service invites you to do so.


Opening hours

The Enrolment Office is open at the following times:

From Monday to Thursday at 9.30-12.00 and 14.00-16.00

The Office is closed on Friday, Weekend and holidays

For any question, contact us preferably by e-mail :

We remain available by e-mail and telephone:

Stéphanie Lozes: or 02 539 71 20

Marcela Tapia Gomez: or 02 539 71 12


Director : Virginie Odeurs - Secretariat : Vinciane Desnoeck

Executive Assistants: Jérémy Daras, Anne Lekeux, Patrick Royez

Task Officers : Aude Berhin, Marie Delcommune, Timothy Heylen