Required documents for applying to a master's degree program


Disclaimer: This page is only for students who have already completed an online 2019-2020 application form for a master's program for this academic year and who have received confirmation of their email address.

1.General requirements for the constitution of the files of ALL the candidates

Please send TWO  files in one envelope, ONLY by paper mail, to the attention of your case manager. The first one will contain the following documents, free and not stapled, in the order listed below.

We draw your attention to the fact that copies of diplomas and transcripts obtained since the end of your secondary studies must be certified as true copies. by the university that issued the diplomas or transcripts or by the local administrative authority (eg municipal administration, city hall, ...). The second will consist of a simple photocopy of the first:

  • A printed copy of the application form (PDF attached to the email sent to you) and which contains the data completed on the online form. You will sign in the areas reserved on the Application for Registration and the University's Privacy Policy.
  • Two ID card size photos (if possible, color on a white background) to be pasted on the pages of the application form, in the places provided for this purpose.
  • A recent nationality certificate or a photocopy of your passport or a photocopy of your national identity card.
  • A cover letter. Please specify the choice of purpose or desired option. This document is optional for Erasmus Mundus candidates.
  • An attestation justifying for the last 5 academic years:
    • Studies: Copies of diplomas and marks relating to each academic year (successful or unsuccessful) and a certificate certifying the total number of credits of the followed course and the number of credits if those are in use in your country. All copies must be certified for any non-UE student.
    • If diplomas were not obtained during the 5 years preceding registration, certified copies of diplomas and marks relating to each academic year (successful or unsuccessful) and a certificate indicating the total number of credits of the followed course and the number of earned credits .
    • Various activities undertaken (work, unemployment, language course, language course, travel, ...): proof of employment (no employment contract) from your employer, certificate from a social security organization, registration certificate at an internship ... with mention of dates covering the period (s) of activities.
    • No period can be unjustified
  • If you have attended an institution of higher education of the French Community of Belgium (University, high school, ...) as of the academic year 2014-2015: a certificate of absence of debts delivered by this establishment »
  • A certificate, certificate or diploma attesting to your knowledge of the French language (DELF, DALF, TCF or other official attestations) if your studies were not conducted in French (this document is not necessary if the program is followed entirely in English, if you are a Europhilo student or double degree).
  • A detailed curriculum vitae, dated and signed.
  • Special cases for students wishing to follow a Master 120 program in management sciences or a Master in management engineering: mandatory production of a certificate * for the success of one of the following two standardized tests: GMAT or TageMage (exception: CEMS partners and Double Diploma) as well as a TOEFL * test or IELTS test certificate * if they have not completed their studies in English. For more information, please contact the faculty concerned. Be careful, this does not apply to HUE candidates holding a CFB access ticket allowing direct access to these two courses.
  • Particular cases of students wishing to follow a Master 120 program in architecture (in Tournai or in Brussels Saint-Gilles): mandatory submission of a book containing the work done in their original architecture institute (or engineering school) .
  • Special case of students wishing to follow a master's program in modern languages ​​and letters, in French and Romance languages ​​and letters, in ancient and modern languages ​​and letters, in multilingual communication, in linguistics, in translation or in interpretation:
    •  accuracy of the chosen language combination (except for ancient and modern languages ​​and letters);
    • production of an official attestation of the level attained in these two languages ​​(only French for ancient and modern languages ​​and letters).
  • Special case of students wishing to follow a program of "didactic Master ": take note of the following information.

All these documents must be written in the original language. If it is a language other than French, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese, please accompany them with a translation certified by a sworn translator .

Upon receipt of the documents requested, an email specifying the rest of the procedure will be sent to you on the e-mail address entered during your online request. The processing of the file will take several weeks.

Please note that we cannot process your application if you don't provide all the requested documents within the specified time limit and in the indicated order. Thank you for your understanding.

Note:  If you don't yet have these documents, you may send us all the other documentation in the meantime.

Caution: at the time of registration (between June 25 and September 30), you will be asked to produce all the originals of all the components of your file.

2.Special requirements related to nationality outside the European Union of a candidate who can be assimilated to a Belgian student.

The criteria for being classed as a Belgian student (equivalent status) can be found at . If you match one of the criteria, you will be required to provide proof of your status in addition to the requested supporting documentation.