Install TestWe on your computer

Is your computer compatible?

To install TestWe on your computer, you must have a Windows system (minimum Windows 7) or Mac (minimum OS X 10.12) and 1 GB of free hard drive space.

To know your computer system and available disk space:

Mac: Go to the Apple/About this Mac menu. The system version is indicated in the Preview tab; free disk space in the Storage tab.

Windows: Open Explorer. In the left column, right click on ‘this PC’, the ownership information tells you the system version. In this same column, right clicking on ‘Disk C:’ indicates the free disk space.

Linux computers and tablets are not compatible.

Your computer is not compatible?

You will be invited to sit the exam in a room furnished by UCLouvain.

How to install TestWe on your computer?

You have received or will shortly receive an email entitled ‘Welcome to the TestWe community’. This email includes:

  • Links for downloading the TestWe software.
  • Documentation (video).
  • Login identifiers provided by ‘TestWe’.
  • TestWe support contact information.

Upon receipt of this email, immediately download and install the software on your computer.


  • The username for accessing the TestWe installation space is your UCLouvain email; the password is provided by ‘TestWe’. Please keep this password because you will be asked for it for each of your TestWe exams.
  • To install and launch the student TestWe application, you must know the administrator password for your computer.
  • A camera integrated or connected to your computer is required for the duration of the exam.

Any technical problem relating to this process must be relayed as soon as possible to TestWe (

The installation does not require uninstalling your anti-virus software, and do not hesitate to contact the TestWe service desk to resolve any technical problems. You can also go to the TestWe Facebook page and send them a message via Messenger.

In the event of an login problem, please contact the UCLouvain service desk. All subsequent steps must be done on the same computer.

Installing TestWe for Mac

Once the software is installed on your computer, you will have to perform a technical test, called ‘simulation’, which guarantees the proper functioning of the device (‘Simulation’ button on the application’s home screen). Don’t do it at the last minute!

See also the documentation TestWE-Guide_etudiant_pour_vous_connecter.pdf

You do not want to install TestWe on your computer?

If you do not wish or cannot install TestWe on your computer, you will be invited to carry out on-site examinations in a specially equipped room.